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What is Tetrathlon?

Tetrathlon  is a team and individual competition comprised of  Shooting, Swimming, Running and Riding. It is a variant of, and major recruiting ground for the Olympic sport Modern Pentathlon. Competition levels progress with age. The Shoot involves shooting with air pistols at targets between 7 and 10 metres, the Swim is the distance swum in 2 to 4 minutes, the Run is normally cross country over a distance of between 1000m and 3000m, and the Ride is over a cross country course, the most exhilarating phase for many.

Classes are arranged as follows:

• Open (25 and Under)

• Intermediate (25 and Under)

• Junior (14 and Under)

• Minimus (11 and Under)

• Tadpoles (9 and Under)

• Beanies (7 and Under)

How Do I Get Involved?

Tetrathlon is well-represented across the UK, so have a chat with your Branch/Centre to see what events they have coming up. If your club doesn’t offer Tetrathlon training or competitions, don’t worry – speak to your Area Tetrathlon Coordinator who will point you in the right direction (see contacts at the bottom of this page)!

If you’re a non-riding member (or just want to focus on the non-riding sections), you can still get involved by competing in The Pony Club Winter Triathlon (Shoot, Run and Swim). Its open to competitors from 8 years old upwards and is a great introduction to Tetrathlon