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What is Pony Racing?

Pony racing mirrors the Horse Racing you see on the television. Held on licenced racecourses across the UK (such as Ascot and Cheltenham), pony racing allows Pony Club members to experience the thrill and experience of racing – but on ponies!


Members wishing to give pony racing a go must be aged 9 years old on 1st January (in the current calendar year) and can race up until the day of their 17th birthday. The ponies taking part must be aged between 5 and 20 years old and be fit and sound to race. They must also measure no more than 148cm.


The Pony Club works closely with The Pony Racing Authority (PRA), pony racing’s governing body, to provide young people with opportunities to race in point-to-point and the Racecourse Series.

Pony Racing Authority

Training Days

These are a joint training initiative run by the Pony Racing Authority and The Pony Club.

Experienced Pony Club instructors teach alongside BHA accredited Jockey Coaches and provide the best possible introduction to pony racing. These days not only allow children to ride their own pony in a controlled environment and on the gallops, but also provide an insight into balance and control in a forward seat with the simple use of wobble boards, space hoppers and stepping stones, as well as traditional racing equipment such as an Equicisor.

In addition to riding tuition, the training programme includes advice on rider and pony fitness and nutrition, tack guidance and race day procedures and etiquette.

The training day also offers the opportunity for members and their ponies to be assessed for eligibility to participate in Race Days with both Pony Club and the Pony Racing Authority (PRA).