Sunday May 28, 2023
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Safety Wear

The safety of pony club members is paramount.  Whenever you’re riding on public roads be sure that you can be seen – wear a hi-viz coat or tabard.

Hats and Body Protectors

All members must wear protective helmets which conform to the standard detailed in the Pony Club Hat Rule.  The hat must then be marked with a PC tag before the hat can be worn at any PC rally or event.  Please remember the hat tags when you are buying a new hat and wanting to wear it to a competition or rally!

We are not allowed to give advice on the FIT OF YOUR HAT.  When buying a new hat, please be sure to get advice on the fit of the hat and the correct adjustment of the harness.

For hats:
· If you DO NOT have a Pink hat tag then it must be checked before you can ride at a rally
· This is due to industry standard changes we need to check all hats
· Please contact Rachel Harrison,  Sharon Whitmore  or Laura Hill to have your hat tagged

The Pony Club does not make the use of body protectors compulsory, except for all cross-country riding and Pony Racing whether it be training or competing.  The responsibility for choosing body protectors and the decision as to their use must rest with Members and their parents.

· Body protectors must be the newer BETA 2009 standard with the purple level 3 tag:

· Body protectors are compulsory for Cross Country and Pony Racing

Full hat and body protector rules can be read here


Spurs may be worn at Rallies and other events. However, misuse of spurs should be reported to the DC/Centre Proprietor, Area Rep or the Training Chairman so that it can be dealt with accordingly.


Jewellery is not worn when riding to avoid the danger of it getting caught on tack and broken or lost – or causing an accident by getting caught up on a buckle etc.  Earrings are not to be worn for this reason and also because apparently the bar on an earring has been known to damage the nerves behind the ear and cause partial facial-paralysis.

So – no earrings (including sleepers) may be worn at any mounted Pony Club activity.

The only items that are allowed are wristwatches, tie clips and stock pins (worn horizontally). Please bear this in mind if intending to get ears pierced.

Medical Armbands

These are recommended by the Pony Club at all times and are compulsory for all cross country phases.  These must be worn on the arm NOT ON THE LEG.


Please be aware that the tack checkers at all competitions can prevent any member competing who has not followed the dress regulations. These vary, not only between competitions, but also between different phases within competitions. There are separate Rule Books for Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage etc and these are invaluable sources of information and can be bought through the main pony club website.  Alternatively read them on the website and print off the important bits to keep for reference.

Some of the rules are complicated or difficult to follow.  Do please ask fellow members if you need more advice.