Sunday September 24, 2023
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Fernie Kit

You can find here all the details of what kit we have and where you can buy it from:

  • Welland Valley Feeds 
    • They kindly support us by displaying our stock items of jackets, ties, sweatshirts, polos and saddle pads
    • All the kit has the Fernie Logo
  • Trinity Wear 
    • Additional items can be made to order, including T-shirts, Jackets, Hoodies and Skins and Onesie in child and adult sizes
    • Order online via Trinity’s Fernie Pages at
    • Due to Covid, once you have ordered, Gerry will collect from Trinity and notify you when they are ready for collection
  • New to the branch or Pony Club?
    • Claire Robinson, our Branch Secretary has a number of items to get you started:
      • PC badge @ £2.50
      • PC ties – small child @ £5.50 and large child @ £5.95
      • PC Fernie Branch Competition Stocks for older members @ £25
      • & most importantly checking your hat is up to date and is ‘tagged’ which must be done before going to your first rally. Rachel Harrison (DC) is also able to hat tag.

If you need any help, Gerry Torr manages our Fernie kit and can be contacted on 07515822464.



Welland Valley Feeds Items

  • Bronte Melrose jacket. Navy Lined blouson style waterproof jacket. Size 26″ to small adult. There is a small amount of these style left. The Dover Regatta style is available from Trinity Wear.
  • Navy sweatshirt. Sizes 26″ to med adult
  • Navy short sleeve polo.  Sizes 26″ to med adult
  • Caps – child and adult sizes
  • Saddle pads – cob and full size in navy (for rallies) and white (for competitions)
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Trinity Wear