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Welcome to the Flamstead Branch of The Pony Club. We have Members from ages of 4 to 25, who participate in a variety of activities from Rallies, Competitions, Tests and Camp.


The Pony Club is a unique youth equestrian organisation, providing the opportunity to participate in different equestrian sports. At our Branch we focus on Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, Tetrathlon, Mounted Games and Quiz.


Flamstead is a fun, active Pony Club branch based in Hertfordshire. Our Pony Club Field is in the village of Flamstead and our members come from all of the surrounding towns and villages such as St Albans, Harpenden, Redbourn, Hemel Hempstead, Leighton Buzzard and beyond!


We have a strong Rising Stars membership, helping develop our youngest riders from 4 years of age, through to teams entering National Championships, competing at area shows and also at iconic venues such as Blenheim! Flamstead also boasts a huge Tetrathalon Squad with teams competing regularly in all the age groups. We simply love having FUN with our ponies and friends, including Camp, rallies, beach rides, the “Tests”.. the list goes on….

Our club has a fabulous number of great instructors, with lots of experience both teaching and riding/competing themselves. We are also really lucky to be so well situated close to major venues with super facilities available year round such as Bury Farm, Keysoe, Addington, Milton Keynes E.C etc. We run our own shows and rallies and attend other Pony Club events at these venues regularly.

Our ethos is based on fun and learning and a shared love of all things equestrian. We pride ourselves on our fantastic community, who regularly demonstrate incredible friendships and support towards each other right across the age groups. We run lots of rallies at weekends, evenings and holidays trying to cover every possible category of member. We also organise well supported socials for the children and parents/supporters alike. Camp is an annual highlight and it seems to get more fantastic every year!

Flamstead relies on its wonderful volunteers made up of parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, local businesses etc, to make it the successful branch that it is. We welcome anyone wanting to become part of our fun community!

The Pony Club has been the starting point for a large majority of equestrian team members, equine professionals, and medal winners. Training is at the heart of The Pony Club, providing opportunities to build knowledge on improving equine welfare, rider safety and enabling Members to develop lifelong skills, alongside riding, and having fun!

We welcome you to have a look around this website to find out more about us. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with any questions you may have. We are a fun and friendly Branch, and we are looking forward to welcoming you.


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