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Show Jumping Results

2020 SJ Results

Inter branch Team Showjumping 24th October 2020

Please click on the link below to find out how we did as a club… Well done Belinda for pulling off such a huge event so seamlessly!

Horseheath Write up


Anvil Park Stud Team Showjumping 

Well done to all the juniors that took part in the Team Showjumping this week at Anvil Park Stud. Click on the link below to find out how they got on…

Anvil write up


2019 SJ Results

Click on the link below for the results from Finchingfield Team Showjumping on 19th October. Well done to everyone that took part. Some great results for N & T!

Finchingfield Results 2019

Click on the link below to find out exactly how amazingly the N&T team got on at the Blenheim Eventer Trial recently…


Amazing results for the Burghley Showjumping team last week! Well done team! Click on the link below for the full report…



Click on the link below for the report on the Regional Showjumping which took place on 1st September at Horseheath.

Regional SJ report


Click on the link below for the report on the Festival of Showjumping which took place on 29th August instead of Area SJ.

Festival Showjumping report


Area Showjumping – Great Witchingham July

Area SJ 2019


Soham Interbranch SJ – June 

Soham PC Team SJ report


Trinity Park, Ipswich

Trinity Park SJ report


Houghton Hall May 2019

Houghton Hall report


2018  Results

NTPC Show Jumping at Finchingfield

finchingfield results 2018

finchingfield2018 write up

 Burghley 2018



The Champs 2018!

PC SJ Champs 2018.docx



Area 8 Show Jumping 

NTPC Area Show Jumping Results


Soham Team Show Jumping



Pony Club Team Show Jumping-Houghton Hall

houghtonwrite up



2017 Results


Pony Club Area Showjumping 2017

On Sunday 9th July 11 Newmarket and Thurlow members travelled to Trinity Park, Ipswich to take part in the Area 8 Showjumping competition. Once again it was a very early start with most of us arriving by 6.30am in order to get our ponies ready for the dreaded tack and turnout competition.

The Intermediate Team (100cm) was Belinda Dow, Freia Gould, Scarlett Ryder and Billy Vestey.  They won first place in the Tack and Turnout which was an amazing achievement.  In the jumping Belinda achieved a fantastic double clear round and overall the team finished the day in 10th place.   The Novice (90cm) A team consisted of Zara Brooks, Sally Hancock, Grace Hull and Tilly Salmon while the B Team was Katie Beaton, Annabel Cuthbert and George Hull (all of whom achieved 29/30 in the T&T).  Special mention must go to Zara and Tilly who achieved an incredible full marks for T&T!   The B Team were very first in to jump at 8.30am and Annabel and George both achieved clear rounds.  They each had an unlucky pole in the second round.

The Novice A Team achieved four double clear rounds, the only team out of 28 to do so on the day. Unfortunately there was some confusion over the timing of the 3rd round jump off and Zara was the first to go having not had the opportunity to learn the course.  The day finished brilliantly however with Grace, Sally and Tilly all achieving a triple clear.  This put them into 2nd place overall and meant the Team qualified for the National Pony Club Showjumping Championships in Cheshire in August.

Huge thanks must go to Fiona Van Tuyll for all her magnificent help with the T&T and much appreciated support throughout the day.   As ever John Adams’ help in course walking, warming up and general encouragement and motivation was invaluable.   And a very big thankyou to Ginny and Tessa who came at the crack of dawn and were wonderful throughout the day; providing practical help, support and much needed wine. A final thank you to all the lovely parents and children who were wonderful at cheering each other on and making it such a happy day – a credit to the Pony Club.

Area Show Jumping 1 2017

B team[3223] podium[3222]




















Soham & District Pony Club Annual Team Show Jumping

Newmarket and Thurlow sent some very well turned out members to represent the pony club at Soham & District pony clubs annual teams jumping
This year we had fewer members jumping as some members were representing us in Tet and some were at Little Downham BE eventing

Class 1 50 cm
Bella Patton with a double Clear
Evie Wise with a double Clear
Lara Bowman with four faults in first round

Class 2 60 cm
Paddy Ferguson with 4 faults in first round
Max Woods with 4 faults in first round
Evie Wise double clear
Lara Bowman double clear

Class 3 70 cm
Paddy Ferguson three stops
Lucy Chaplin double clear      This team came 4 th out of 25 teams
Tom Hancock double clear
Lara Bowman double clear

Beatrice Salmon double clear
Millie Plumb double clear
Max Woods three stops
Poor Paddy and Max had to jump the 70 cm before the 60 that had been entered as a warm up

Class 5 90cm
Sally Hancock double clear and individual 5th
Tilly Salmon double clear
Katie Beaton 16 first round 4 second round

Class 6 100 cm
Fraia Gould 4 faults in second round

Well done to all that rode


FTSJ Sottersley 2017

Sunday, May 21st, 2017 saw four Newmarket & Thurlow members take part in a “Friendly Team Show Jumping Competition” kindly hosted by the Waveney Harriers at Sottersley, Nr Beccles. The team, jumping at 60cm & 70cm, consisted of Lara Bowman, Lucy Chaplin, Paddy Ferguson and Max Woods. Although the team didn’t return home with ribbons a good day was had by all with plenty of clear rounds. Every competitor got to ride 2 rounds in each class with the second round being a slightly shorter timed round. Riding improvements were made throughout the day and encouragement and support from the hosts managing the arena contributed to a stress free day. It was a long drive to Sottersley but well worth attending again in 2018.










Burghley Pony Club Team Show Jumping

N&T placed 2nd at Burghley Pony Club Team Showjumping

On Thursday 1st September, Sarah Howlett, Belinda Dow, Lily Bravery and Billy Vestey represented the Newmarket and Thurlow Pony Club at the prestigious Burghley Pony Club Team Showjumping Competition at the Burghley Horse Trials.  The fences were 1.05m in the first round with the jump off 1.10m.

The team got off to a fantastic start with Sarah, Belinda and Billy achieving wonderful clear rounds and Lily having an unlucky pole.  N&T were one of only three teams to end the first round on a team score of zero.   There were a huge number of teams taking part and with the course causing lots of problems, this was an amazing achievement.

The jump off was extraordinarily challenging with not only enormous fences but a circuitous route and some tricky turns.  With the spectator stands full and against the backdrop of Burghley House, the pressure was on.  The jump off at Burghley is unusual in that the riders in the participating teams jump one from each team rather than consecutively.  Sarah was the first to go and achieved another beautiful clear round.  Belinda had a pole and Lily two and by the time Billy’s turn came, the position of the other teams was such that N&T were fighting for first or second place.   The atmosphere was electric with the commentator announcing that it was all down to Billy!  He rose to the challenge and rode magnificently, just catching a pole at the very last fence with N&T ending up second.  The Team’s grace under pressure was extraordinary.

The result was all the more fantastic given that both Billy and Belinda were on youngsters on whom they were completing their first season.  Lily’s was also a new partnership while Sarah was on her sister’s horse.   As always, huge thanks goes to John Adams for his expert guidance and positivity on the day.