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Most PC show jumping competitions are now run as “single phase” with around 6 fences untimed continuing on with another 6 fences in a timed  section as opposed to the traditional 2 phase competition where If you manage to jump a clear round, you go through to the jump-off. The jump-off is a shortened course which is jumped as fast as possible. At pony club Area competitions and Champs the format is that you jump 2 rounds and then only those that go double clear or teams that have an equal score jump off.

There are a number of venues accessible to Newmarket which hold regular show jumping competitions at varying heights, including Frenches Farm, Topthorn, Suffolk Equestrian Centre (formerly The Jays), Forest Edge and Anvil Park Stud and Boyton Hall.  Members are advised to look at the venue’s website/facebook pages for further details.

As a Pony Club we have a full set of Jump for Joy show jumps and show jumping tuition will take place throughout the year at Horseheath, Palace House and the British Racing school.

For Junior Members there are regular sessions held from October to April at the British Racing School, Newmarket. These are divided into 3 groups with sessions ranging from lead rein up to 70cm, taught by Sarah Burton. The dates of these can be found on Horse Events and are organised by Nat Allen.

For those members competing at 80cm and above John Adams provides training sessions.  The John Adams sessions consist of either individual 30 minute lessons, pairs for 40 mins or groups of 3 for 60 minutes. The majority of sessions will take place at Palace House. These are organised by Zara Wise and booking will be on Horse events.

Dates for 2024 John Adams Show Jumping Training Sessions will be as follows:

WED 21st FEB                      Palace House (Half Term)

THURS 4th April                   Palace House (Easter Hols)

THURS 9th May                    Eagle Lane 3pm-7pm

THURS 23rd May                  Horseheath 3pm-7pm

THURS 30th May                  Palace House (Half Term)

THURS 6th June                   Horseheath 3pm-7pm

THURS 20th June                 Eagle Lane 3pm-7pm

TUE 25th June                      Palace House 3pm-7pm

THURS 4th July                    Palace House Team Training 3pm-7pm

             TBC                         Palace House  (Summer Hols)

WED 7th  August                 Palace House (Summer Hols) Pre Champs Training

WED 21st August                 Palace House  (Summer Hols) grassroots training

FRI 1st Nov                           Palace House (Half Term)

MON 23rd Dec                  Palace House (Christmas Hols)

There are various inter branch PC competitions throughout the year and we are always keen to field as many teams as possible in classes from 30cm upwards. These competitions are great fun and members are urged to take part, even if they are relatively new to show jumping.  It is all about building confidence and experience and nobody will mind if it all goes horribly wrong as we have all been there!!  Emails and Watts Apps will be sent out to members ahead of all competitions and it would be hugely appreciated if everyone could reply ASAP as compiling team entries can be a lengthy process. Zara Wise is the show jumping secretary. Please feel free to contact her with any queries.  Dates for Inter Branch SJ Competitions are listed below and on the Area 8 Pony Club Calendar.

Members who are interested in taking part in competitions are encouraged to join the N&T Show Jumping WhatsApp group. Information about upcoming competitions will be posted here as well as updates throughout the year on teams etc. Please contact Zara Wise on 07775727503 to join the group

On Saturday 26th October the Annual N&TPC Show Jumping Competition will be held at Horse Heath.  This is a hugely popular event and a significant fund raiser for our Pony Club.  The success of the event depends on volunteers and it would be greatly appreciated if as many members as possible offer to help.

The Pony Club Spring Series of Show Jumping competitions takes place at three different levels. There are 2 stages to the competition: Area Competitions to be held in Jan 25. You must attend your own Area Competition. Those that are successful at their Area Competition will go forward to the Championships in Feb 25 at Arena UK.

Regional Qualifier and Championships

The Pony Club Regional Championships (formerly known as grassroots) is reserved for the more novice members and is a wonderful introduction to Area Show Jumping.   Both Regional Qualifier and Championship fences are 70cm or 80cm in the first round and70cm or  80cm in the second round with two single fences 5cm higher.  To be eligible you must not have represented your Branch at area level at 90cm or above.  Members are encouraged to consult the 2024 Pony Club Show Jumping rule book (available via the main Pony Club website) for full eligibility and other details.

In 2024 the Regional Qualifier will take place at Frenches Farm on Saturday 29th June while the Championships will be held on Sat 24th Aug. 

Area Show Jumping

There are 3 levels of team/individual competition at Area level: Novice (90cm), Intermediate (100cm) and Open (110cm) and this is a qualifying competition for the Pony Club National Championships in August.  We are generally allowed to enter at least two teams, made up of four riders in each team, plus two individuals for each class. In 2024 Area Show Jumping will take place at Frenches Farm, on Sun 30th June.

John Adams is the Newmarket and Thurlow show jumping trainer and Area team selector. If any child is interested in being considered for the Area teams it is essential that they are booked into some of these sessions so that John can assess the child and pony, it is not possible to be chosen for a team without John knowing your abiity.  In order to be considered you must also be available for the PC Show Jumping Championships held at Off Church Bury 9th– 17th Aug. 

It is important that Pony Club Members familiarise themselves with the eligibility rules which apply to all Area Competitions, including Regional.  Both the horse/pony and the PC member need to have attained at least 3 rally points since 1st July 2023, with the minimum of 1 being in 2024.  At least 1 of these points has to be attained by both the horse/pony and the PC member attending either PC Camp or an activity advertised as a ‘Rally’. You must also attend at least one John session to be considered.  Further details are available on the “Area Competitions” page of the Newmarket & Thurlow PC website please do read this.

Team Show Jumping Competitions scheduled for 2024 include:

Sun 28th Jan                         Area 8 Spring festival and Windsor Qualifier at Eastern College

11th– 12th Feb                       Spring Festival Champs at Arena UK

Wed 15th Feb                       Thetford Chase Team Friendly at Anvil 30cm- 70cm

Sunday 19th May                 Waveney Harriers Team Friendly at Beccles NR34 0LP open to all

Sunday 9th  June                  Soham PC Team Team Friendly SJ (Isleham) Open to all

Saturday 29th June              Regional SJ (70, 80) Frenches Farm

Sunday 30th  June                Area SJ (90,100,110) Frenches Farm

Fri 9th-Sat 17th Aug              NATIONAL PC Championships – Offchurch Bury 

Saturday 24th Aug                REGIONAL Championships

Thursday 5th Sep                Burghley Team SJ invitation only

TBC                                       East of England team SJ Fitzwilliam

Saturday 26th October         N&T Team Show Jumping

Please keep checking the Area 8 PC website for more dates all entries for training and competitions are on Horse Events

Please contact;

Zara Wise