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Pony Club Tetrathlon provides members with a challenging competition requiring sound practical horsemanship and general athletic ability!  A tetrathlon competition comprises: shooting, swimming, running and a cross country riding phase. Any Pony Club member can compete in classes from Beanies (8 and under to Open) Tetrathlon involves camping, parties, fun and friendship in bucket loads.


The above classes are those that qualify for the Tetrathlon Championships but there are always the following additional classes held at Pony Club branch competitions and at the Area 8 Qualifying competition.


The Shoot Phase takes place in groups (details) and it is a Pony Club rule that you must be 8 YEARS OR OVER on the date of the competition/practice to participate. The N&T PC owns a number of pistols, which are available to borrow for competitions and to use to practice.  Area 8 Shoot Instructor is Sally Anne de la Sayette who is FANTASTIC and holds weekly Group or Individual practice sessions which recommence on 29th March – HURRAY!  Please contact Sally Anne on 07713 404460 to book a place

Competitors who are under 8 have the opportunity to compete by throwing Velcro Bean Bags at targets! 

The Swim phase takes place in heats, and the organisers always try and put swimmers of similar standards together, points are scored according to how far you swim in a certain time. Beanies can have swimming aids and can normally request an outside swim lane. 

The Run phase is organised with runners being sent off 1 minute intervals individually over a carefully marked course.

The Ride phase is over a cross country course which include lots of easier ‘L’ alternatives, a gate to open and shut whilst mounted and a slip rail where you dismount, take the slip rail down, lead your pony through, put the rail back up and get back on – there is a handy straw bale mounting blocks for all to use if needed!  In the winter there are a number of Pony Club Triathlon (no riding) competitions. There are always team classes at these events so, if you enter, please let Tessa Vestey know so that you can be included in a N&T PC team

Katie Barrett, N&T XC trainer, will instruct at many Rallies and runs the N&T XC training. XC training Rallies run throughout the holidays at a variety of locations

You do not have to be good at all of the phases to take part – the main aim of Tetrathlon is to have a fun and happy time competing with your friends.

Please keep checking the Area 8 Pony Club web site under ‘Tetrathlon Diary’ as well as Area 8 Pony Club Events FB page & Pony Club Tetrathlon FB page to find schedules and more Tetrathlon/Triathlon events. Please email with any queries