Friday August 12, 2022
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Tetrathlon Results


Sally Anne de la Sayette is continuing to run extremely efficient and well taught Shoot training which the greater majority of the N&T PC Tetrathlon members attend on a regular basis. We would like to buy an N&T Gas Gun to be kept in the gun cupboard at Waltons. We are extremely lucky to have Katie to coach the N&T Tetrathlon Ride Phase.

Georgie Featherstone, Lily Wittich & Evie Wise were the 3 N&T PC members selected to represent Eastern England at the Junior Regional Championship at Moreton Morell on June 5th & 6th.
Ted Featherstone Represented N&T in the 15 & Under Class which was introduced this year to encourage those who have missed their last year of Junior Tetrathlon in 2020.
Ted did brilliantly and came 6th with the Best Shoot!

Katie Barrett came as the Eastern Region’s Trainer and did a wonderful job walking and warming up a mass of Eastern region competitors but remarked that our PC members listened and did as instructed unlike some others! (Katie’s fee was paid by Area 8 & 6)

The XC was again hugely influential with very few managing to go clear within the time.
The Eastern Region Girls Hares team, which included Lily Wittich, were 6th with Lily having one of the very few 1400 ride scores

We were extremely fortunate to have secured sponsorship from NEH which was a huge bonus and covered all the expenses for Pool Hire, Course construction, Rental of BE fences, Paramedics, Rosettes, Medals etc

We ran the N&T Tri/Tet along side the Area competition with 120 entries which was brilliant.  Erin & Mark were fantastic and stabled/penned a mass of ponies coming from all corners of Area 8 and had a number of Waveny Harriers Camping as well.

The highlight of the weekend was the Camping at Horseheath with the ‘Green Barn’ at turned into a Bar, Dining Room, Kitchen and Disco and ‘The Tetrathlon Party’ was as successful as ever!

A huge thank you to Jeremy Allen and his team for running the shoot. Zoe, Sarah, Sue & Billy for running the bean bag throwing. Lisa and Lucie & their team for running the Swim. Robbie Dow for marking out the run course & Nat, Natalie, Catherine & their team for running the Run.

Huge thanks to Sue Knott for Running the “Mini Arena” and to Lucy Simcock who was the unbelievably wonderful collecting ring steward
Area 8 produced a large number of Fence Judges supported by the N&T.
Huge thanks to Mel Pollitt our ever thorough and wonderful H&S officer
Siobhan and her team are just wizard on the scoring, this year supported by Jennie Simcock & Nigel Howlett – thank you, thank you.

All in all a huge success and we have had loads of extremely complementary emails from our Area 8 friends.

As well as the mass of support from some of the N&T parents it is always commented on by other branches how lovely it is that our older Pony Club members (and younger) help run the Tetrathlon and encourage the younger generation – long may this last!

1st N&T
Georgia Payne Oliver Basham, Henry Murrell, Ryan Smith
3rd N&T
Emily Payne, Rosie Chamberlain &Alex Smith

1st BEANIE BOY – Ryan Smith, 1st Bean Bag & Swim & 1400 Ride
1st BEANIE GIRL – Georgia Payne, 1st Bean Bag & Run & 1400 Ride

3rd N&T
Milly Masson, Ruby Chamberlain, Nina Allen, George Wise

1st TADPOLE BOY – George Wise, 1st Shoot
2nd TADPOLE GIRL – Nina Allen, 1st Run & Shoot & 1400 Ride

1st N&T Girls Team – Qualifying for The Tetrathlon Championships & Winning the Area 8 Junior Challenge Cup
Lily Wittich, Georgie Featherstone & Evie Wise
2nd JUNIOR GIRL – Lily Wittich, 1st Run
3rd JUNIOR GIRL – Georgie Featherstone
7th JUNIOR GIRL – Evie Wise

2nd Ted Featherstone & 1st Run – Qualifying for The Tetrathlon Championships

All in all an unbelievably FANTASTIC result for the N&T

The Championships took place from 13th – 15th August at Offchurch Bury, Warwickshire.
As well as the Junior Girls Team & Ted, Individual Intermediate Boy, Xavier qualified out of Area as an Individual Junior Boy.
We also had 2 N&T Teams competing in the Grassroots Competition which held the Shoot & Swim on Saturday & the Ride, which was over an Arena Show Jumping course with a slip rail and ‘halt box’, & the Run Phase & Prize Giving taking place on Saturday.

The Shoot phase for everyone was held in the marquee at Offchurch, and the Swim Phase a short walk along a very pretty footpath in Leamington Spa. The Ride phase involved another challenging cross country course designed by Lloyd Hunt, which proved to be highly influential to the overall result. The competition was rounded off by the Run phase on Sunday morning, prior to prize giving.

Thank goodness Katie Barrett was with us and knows Tetrathlon inside out which was vital for all of our competitors. There were a huge amount of ‘L’ options and if a little problem arises it is vital that every alternative is walked and talked through thoroughly. THANK YOU KATIE who achieved this in spades!

The N&T Grassroots Foxes Team of Henrietta, Frankie, Harry and Nina were placed 3rd and The N&T Hounds Team of Finn, Willa, Ruby and George were placed 7th. Thank you to Erin who bought and was totally responsible for Willa and Finn and their ponies for 3 days, as well as her own children and ponies! We also were ‘lent’ Nina who the Wise family took under their wings and Frankie and Harry so many thanks to all the wonderful N&T members and their families who looked after each other so well!

Saturday night is Party night & this year the theme was the Olympics ……the N&T are VERY good at this particular ‘phase’ of the competition & it was Tessa’s birthday so party, party time!

On Sunday, no headaches at all, the Championship Competition was rounded off by the Run phase, prior to prize giving.

So a hugely well deserved 4th place for The N&T Junior Team 2021.
Lily and Xavier achieved the coveted 1400 Ride rosettes for their faultless XC rounds within a very tight time & Ted had a fantastic XC round, sensibly taking a few ‘L’ alternatives, to give the diminutive Nemo a safe and happy round. This is an enormous achievement – well deserved and very, very well done.

Thank you so very much to all the N&T Competitors who entered into the spirit of Tetrathlon and tried their very best in each phase, partied hard and always maintained their helpfulness and beautiful manners.

Another fun filled time full of smiley, happy competitors and their fantastic parents and Katie!