Monday February 26, 2024
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Tests and Training

The Pony’ Club Training structure encourages all members to take efficiency tests (E to A) which enable them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding.  The training is fun and much of it is covered at working rallies and camps.  The E test is optional , but all the other tests must be taken in sequence.  However older riders who have joined may start with the D+ test. For full details of the tests visit the Tests Section of the Pony Club National Website.

It’s worth noting that C+ Efficiency tests have been used as the  ridden section of several members Sports Science GCSE & skills or physical section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award!!

Efficiency Test (E to A)

E Test, D Test, D+ Test, C Test, Road Riders Test, C+Test, B Test – Horse & Pony Care, B Test – Riding, B Test – BHS exemption, Coaching Certificate, Lunging Test, AH Test, B+ Test and A Test.

Well done to the following members for passing their tests in 2018:

B Test

  • Kara Cowell  – Riding and Horse & Pony Care
  • Haydn Garrod   – Riding and Horse & Pony Care
  • Mabel Salter – Riding and Horse & Pony Care
  • Fenella Barling  – Horse & Pony Care
  • George Hull – Horse & Pony Care

C Test

  • Ruby Morris 
  • Millie Plumb
  • Max Woods

D Test

  • Nina Allen
  • Hugo Bowman
  • George Wise
  • Emily Appleby
  • Agnes Kerr
  • George Costello Roberts
  • Sophie Moore
  • Cate Kerr

E Test

  • Millie Barker
  • Ted Callan
  • Alana Claydon Hall
  • Maisie Costello Roberts
  • Archie Donald
  • Jasper O’ Donnell
  • Georgia Payne
  • Hugo Patten
  • Tabitha Morris Evans

Well done to the following members for passing their tests in 2017:

B Test

  • Sarah Howlett – Riding and Horse & Pony Care
  • Belinda Dow- Riding and Horse & Pony Care
  • Billy Vestey – Riding and Horse & Pony Care
  • Zoe Watson – Horse & Pony Care

C+ Test

  • Fenella Barling
  • Katie Beaton
  • Kara Cowell
  • Haydn Garrod
  • George Hull
  • Grace Hull
  • Tilly Salmon
  • Mabel Salter

 D+ Test

  • Ruby Morris
  • Sky Rhodes-Missen
  • Isla Smith
  • Evie Wise
  • Xavier Pierre Jean
  • Francesca Clow-Wilson
  • Poppy Sykes
  • Jack Callan
  • Lara Bowman
  • George Featherstone
  • Willa Peel
  • Frances Topham -Smith
  • Olivr Topham Smith
  • Felix Chung


  • Toby Moore
  • Matilda Sykes
  • Louisa Egerton
  • Florence Peel
  • Francesca Mills
  • Ruby Wittich
  • Bella Patton
  • Isabella Egerton
  • Henry Callan


  • Lucy Simcock
  • Edith Appleby
  • Henry Murrell
  • Jessie Moore
  • Lillie Richardson-Jones