Saturday August 15, 2020
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Welcome to the Quantock Pony Club

We are a small active club running regular rallies and a summer camp. We have members competing in most disciplines and also have members who just like to ride, enjoy rallies and camp without competing. We are happy to run rallies according to what our members would like. Our emphasis is on teaching children to ride and look after their ponies while having fun. Also encouraging and supporting those who want to compete at whatever level they can

If you need further information please contact the Secretary, or DC  whose details can be found in Branch Contacts

2020 Inter Area dressage – Scoresheet (1)

Tilly, who has just turned 8, wrote a poem for Write to Ride, a national pony club competition and was one of the prizewinners out of 450 entries. This is her wonderful poem:

My Best Friend
My small chestnut pony called Zack
With eyes so beady and black,
Is short, round and tubby
And incredibly muddy
So I brush him and put on his tack.
My small chestnut pony called Zack,
He loves to go out on a hack.
His trot, fast and jiggly,
Makes me smiley and giggly,
Whenever I get on his back.
My small chestnut pony named Zack
Has beautifully clean shiny tack.
With my reins in a muddle,
He shies at a puddle,
And arrives home alone down the track.
My short chestnut pony called Zack
With his eyes so beady and black,
May be muddy and small but he is no fool-
and I love him to heaven and back.


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