Saturday February 24, 2024
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Achievements of our members!

Well done to our members Alex, Harriet and Stephanie who have taken part in showjumping competitions over the school holidays and all been placed.

Well Done Stephanie for taking part in the schools show jumping competition at KSEC  coming 3rd in the 40cm and having a go at the 50cm.

A massive well done to 2 of our members who took part in the Mini and Regional Championships at Bicton Arena this week.  Through very stiff competition, first was Leyon in the 40cm lead-rein class with his pony Dizzy and big brother Mason leading.  They had 2 clear rounds and came individual 9th out of 39 children!  Then was Ella’s turn to take part in the 70cm Regional competition.  She was up against a variety of ages and some very competitive children (and parents!).  Ella and Melody had 2 very nice clear rounds and then unfortunately had a pole in the 3rd round to finish 18th out of 58 children! Well done both you have done yourselves and our club proud!!

Well done to Leyon, Merlin, Florence and Isabel all taking part in the 40cm class at KSEC for the Polden Hills Showjumping competition.  All taking home some lovely clear round rosettes unfortunately just out of placings.  Well done to Kayla taking part in the 50cm class coming 5th and Ella doing well in the 70cm class.

WOW! Well done to all who helped and took part in our own showjumping competition on the 14th May!  Our leadrein team of Leyon, Merlin,  Florence and Ella won their 40cm with individual results of Leyon coming first,  Merlin coming second, Florence coming 4th and Ella coming 6th! Our 40cm assisted team of Ella,  Leyon,  Erin and Alex came 3rd. Our 40cm unassisted team of Roxy, Harriet and Stephanie came 4th. In 50cm class Kayla was placed second. In the 60cm class the team of Ella, Daphne and Kayla came 1st with Ella coming 1st and Daphne coming 5th. In the 70cm the team of Ella,  Daphne and Paige came 2nd with Ella being placed 2nd and Paige 6th. And finally in the 80cm Amelie was in a mixed team who came 2nd. Well done to our 40cm led team and our 60cm who have qualified for the mini champs along with individual qualifications to Leyon, Merlin,  Ella and Kayla.  

Well done to Leyon, Erin, Roxy and Ella L for taking part in Taunton Vale Harriers Showjumping competition 16th April at Pontispool.  Leyon unfortunately had 1 pole down but got team 3rd in a mixed team. Erin was also in a mixed team coming 6th. Roxy was placed 6th individually in one class and had team 2nd in a mixed team. Ella had a very speedy 2 rounds being placed 1st and 5th individually and in a mixed team gaining team 2nd! 

Quantock had 2 teams in the Triathlon competition on the 11th Feb in Taunton.  They all tried their best, were supportive to eachother and did amazing for their first competition! Well done Daisy, Florence, Ella W, Merlin, Leyon and Isabel!!

Well done to Daisy coming 5th in her first showjumping competition at KSEC.  Also well done to Harriet, Alex and Leyon who all tried really hard in such wet and windy conditions.  Aemilia and Prince were absolute stars coming 2nd in both their classes!!

Our little ones did well at their first ODE with Aemilia coming 4th, Daisy coming 5th and Ella W coming 7th in the 40cm class and Aemilia coming 3rd in the 50cm class. well done!

Well done to everyone who took part in the team showjumping. Leyon and Kayla got a team 4th in the 40cm assisted class with Kayla getting individual 4th, Aemilia getting team 1st in the 40cm unassisted and individual 3rd.  Ella individual 3rd in the 50cm with nice rounds from Kayla, Aemilia and Leyon.  Ella individual 6th in the 60cm class.  Amelie and Ferne got team 4th in the 80cm with both girls riding well in the 70cm also.

Aemilia and Prince were super at the Mini Champs taking part in the 40cm assisted class and coming 6th!  Well done!!

Maisie has done very well again showing July and August.  Such an achievement to win her classes with her 2 ponies and then getting reserve champ too! Well done!!

Well done to one of our seniors Ferne and her horse Humphrey.  They successfully competed at the grassroots area dressage competition coming 2nd out of 40 in her class qualifying for regionals at Bicton.

Congratulations to 3 of our members who successfully took their horses to Year 11 prom! Jack, Amelie and Mason all got such a great response from the crowds of their proms! 




One of our members have recently had some success in showing. Well done Maisie with her 2 ponies Gold and Spirit. Such an achievement getting Ridden Champion let alone Reserve Supreme of the show! 

Aemilia was a star at area Tetrathlon coming 6th and had Best Ride. Well done 👏

Another great weekend for our members with Aemilia taking part in a One Day Event run by Southpool Pony Club on Prince winning their class!! and then Leyon and Woody taking part in a 40cm showjumping competition at Pontispool run by Taunton Vale Harriers Pony Club coming 5th individually and was put in a mixed team who came 1st! Ellie and Belle also went to the Pontispool event taking part in a huge 50cm and then 60cm getting team 2nd in the 50cm.  Mason and Shotgun then went for 80cm and 90cm class just missing out on placings.

Our own showjumping competition was quite successful for some of our members with the following results!

Class 1a – 40cm led – Aemilia and Perky Individual 4th, Mixed Team 2nd

Class 1b – 40cm asssisted – Tilly and Poppy Individual 5th, Ella and TinTin Individual 6th and Leyon and Woody getting a nice clear round. They also achieved Team 2nd!

Class 2 – 50cm – Tilly and Poppy, Ella and TinTin and Aemilia and Prince Team 4th

Class 6 – 90cm – Amelie and Flo Individual 6th and Mason and Shotgun no individual place but they were in a mixed team getting a Team 3rd

Class 7 – 1m – Amelie and Flo were in a mixed team who came 1st!

Well done to Aemilia in the 60cm and Sophie and Isla in the 70cm and 80cm

Aemilia has been a busy bee again, she took part in a Tetrathlon over the weekend of April 30th and May 1st.  She came 4th overall for her age group and also achieved Best Ride. Well done!

Another successful games competition on 20th April for Aemilia and Prince pairing up with Ru.  They were a great team coming first! Well done!!

A successful showjump competition on the 10th April for Quantock members.  Leyon, Tilly and Ella L took part in the 30cm assisted class coming 1st as a team with Tilly coming 1st and Ella 2nd individually.  Tilly did the 30cm unassisted class and came 1st again and Ella came 1st in the 40cm class.  In the afternoon Amelie took part in the 90cm and then the 1m class coming 1st in the 1m class! Well done everyone!!

Well Done Aemilia and Prince for coming 1st in TVPC PPC pairs games comp at Chard on 27th February 2022 with Ru who has recently left us to join D and S. Aemilia and Prince also took part in the NSEA arena eventing 6th March 2022 @ KSEC, they came 1st in the 40cm & 6th in the 50cm (Both were massive classes so well done!).

Well done Sophie and Sam coming 1st in their 70cm arena eventing competition at Pontispool out of a big class .  Another well done goes to Amelie and Flo coming 4th in the tricky 90cm arena eventing class also at Pontispool on the 6th March 2022.

Well Done Mason and Shotgun for coming 10th in a big class of over 55 competitors for Haygrove Schools NSEA Arena Eventing competition  jumping 80-85cm on the 30th January 2022

January 3rd 2022 Mason, Amelie and Charley successfully completed their Road Rider Badge and are now looking to start doing their C test.  Well Done!

Well done to a few of our older members that took part in the NSEA schools Showjumping competition 6th December 2021. For Haygrove School, Carla and Babs took part in the 70cm class coming 2nd out of 38 competitors.  They also did the 80cm coming 21st out of 75!  Also for Haygrove School, Mason and Shotgun both did well coming 55th out of 75.  Another member of our club taking part was Amelie riding for Taunton Academy.  Amelie and Flo did the 80cm coming 41st out of 75 and then in the 90cm coming 38th out of 67.

Well done to our mini Mounted Games troups who went to Dunster Show 2021 and took part in the mini pairs competition.  Aemilia, Ru, Merlin, Florence and Ella.

Congratulations to our members who took part in the 2021 Area Dressage competition at the end of July with our team of Ferne, Gracie and Sophie coming 5th and qualifying for the regional champs! 

Also congratulations to Aemilia who came 6th in her Tetrathlon on her 6th birthday!

Congratulations go to our members who took part in area Showjumping 2021.  Gracie, Amelie and Ferne.

Well Done Amelie for getting to Hickstead with Schools showjumping!

Tilly, who had just turned 8 (2020), wrote a poem for Write to Ride, a national pony club competition and was one of the prize-winners out of 450 entries.  This is her wonderful poem:

My Best Friend
My small chestnut pony called Zack
With eyes so beady and black,
Is short, round and tubby
And incredibly muddy
So I brush him and put on his tack.
My small chestnut pony called Zack,
He loves to go out on a hack.
His trot, fast and jiggly,
Makes me smiley and giggly,
Whenever I get on his back.
My small chestnut pony named Zack
Has beautifully clean shiny tack.
With my reins in a muddle,
He shies at a puddle,
And arrives home alone down the track.
My short chestnut pony called Zack
With his eyes so beady and black,
May be muddy and small but he is no fool-
and I love him to heaven and back.