Saturday February 24, 2024
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Camp 2024 – 25th-28th July

Quantock members should have been added to the messenger chat for this. 

Anyone that is a member of another Pony Club and would like to join us please do enquire as to whether we can accomodate.

Camp 2023!

Full camp – 27th-30th July 

Well Done to all who attended.  We certainly saw you all working together!  There were some hard decisions to be made by the instructors on most improved for each group!

1st Pelhams (289.5)  Amelie, Roxy, Ella L, Leyon, Florence, Alex, Eve and freddie

2nd  Snaffles (285.5) Ferne, Kayla, Stephanie, Harriet, Ella W, samuel and Emilia 

3rd Kimblewicks (278.5) Paige, Daphne, Flora, Isabel, Erin, Merlin and daisy

Combined training winners 

Ride 1 Ferne

Ride 2 Daphne

Ride 3 Harriet

Ride 4 Alex

Ride 5 Samuel 

most improved trophies

Ride 1 Paige

Ride 2 kayla

Ride 3 Harriet

Ride 4 Isabel

Ride 5 Florence

Derek watts show jumping  trophy went to Merlin

Best yard sweeper trophy went to Daphne

Unplanned dismount trophy  went to Samuel 




Camp 2022

Full Camp (Children aged over 7 yrs old)  –  28th- 31st July.

What a great 4 days everyone had.  We were impressed with how much everyone improved!!

Prize winners for 2022:

Most Improved Ride 1: Isla

Most Improved Ride 2: Daphne

Most Improved Ride 3: Stephanie

Combined Training Competition Results:

Ride 1: 1st Amelie, 2nd Ferne, 3rd Isla, 4th Mason

Ride 2: 1st Daphne, 2nd Kayla, 3rd Aemilia, 4th Ella

Ride 3: 1st Stephanie, 2nd Yvie, 3rd Alex, 4th Leyon

Derek Watts Showjumping Cup: Daphne

Best Yard Sweeper: Leyon

Unplanned Dismounts: Ferne

Team Tack and Turnout:

1st – Highlands: Mason, Daphne, Tilly and Stephanie

2nd – Shetlands: Amelie, Isla, Aemilia, Ella and Yvie

3rd – Exmoors: Ferne, Kayla, Alex and Leyon

Badges Achieved:

E test: Leyon, Alex, Yvie and Stephanie

D test: Aemilia, Kayla, Ella, Isla, Tilly and Daphne

D+ test: Isla and Ferne

Bronze Award: Kayla, Ella, Tilly, Daphne, Leyon, Alex, Yvie, Stephanie and Aemilia

Correctly Fitting Tack Badge: Ella, Daphne, Tilly, Leyon, Aemilia, Stephanie, Yvie, Alex, Harriet and Kayla

Learning Theory Badge: Mason, Amelie, Ferne and Isla

Mini Day Camp (children up to 7 yrs old)  –  29th-30th July

Well done to all the children at our mini camp, they all rode very well!!  What a massive achievement you all had! Every single one of our children on the leadrein rode off the leadrein at some point over the 2 days!!  They also achieved 2 badges, their E test and the mini Rider Safety badges! Well Done!

Thank you to all our amazing instructors this year Gemma Hallett, Andrea Dobson, Claire Poole and Liz Willcox!!  Thank you Alan Scott for the mounted games session and thank you to Mill Farm Camping for use of their swimming pool!  Also a thank you to 2 of our seniors Julia and Carla for helping at camp this year.

Camp 2021

Camp this year was 29th July until 1st August and a great time was had by all who attended! 

Prize winners for 2021:

Most improved Ride 1: Isla

Most improved Ride 2: Charley

Most improved Ride 3: India

Combined training competition results:

Ride 1: 1st Julia, 2nd Amelie, 3rd Mason, 4th Gracie, 5th Isla

Ride 2: 1st Phoebe, 2nd Carla, 3rd Thea, 4th Sophie, 5th Grace

Ride 3: 1st India, 2nd Aemilia, 3rd Ella, 4th Tilly

Derek Watts Showjumping cup: Aemilia

Best yard Sweeper: Carla

Most spectacular fall!!: Charley

Tack and turnout:

1st:  Jackdaws: Ferne, India, Grace and Sophie

2nd:  Ravens: Julia, Charley, Tilly and Amelie

3rd:   Jays: Mason, Carla, Aemilia and Thea

4th:  Magpies: Gracie, Phoebe, Ella and Isla


Thank you to our amazing instructors this year Andrea Dobson, Liz Wilcox, Holly Whitcombe and Claire Poole.  Also special thank you to Alan Scott for teaching them to have some mounted games fun, Evolution Vets for the talk and Mill Farm camping for the hire of their swimming pool.