Friday July 3, 2020
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We look forward to seeing you all as soon as life gets back to ‘normal’

In the meantime stay safe & well

For Fitness, Fun and Friends be a Tetrathlete!

Thank you to you wonderful runners for sending in your updates.  Lovely photos of your warm up exercises, pacing out your running courses and runners ready in your RA kit.  You’re terrific.
So when you’re ready, please send in your times:
2 or 3 practice times
1 competition time
comments on whether you think you’ve improved, been consistent, felt motivated, you’ve been good about your warm up and cool down exercises.
any photos of you in action.  
Please send me your address so I can send you your well earned rosette 
If you haven’t done your practice times, don’t worry, just START TODAY, let me know you’re getting involved and send in your times by 1st July.
You don’t have to be a super star, you just need to have a go, do your best with a bit of determination, dedication and drive! Good luck!
For those of you finishing your challenge today, why not keep up your running and send me your weekly times on 1st July.  We can see if you’re keeping fit and improving those times.
Keep up the great work everyone, look forward to hearing from you and hope you’re all well.
Best wishes,
07970 945670 
Beanies 7 & under: 500m
Tadpoles 8 & 9yr:  1000m
Minis  10 & 11yr:  1000m
Juniors  12 – 14 yr:  1500m
Intermediate 15+ girls 1500m
Intermediate 15+ boys 2,000m