Friday October 18, 2019
Dear All,
Hope everyone is happily back at school.  The Triathlon season is nearly upon us and schedules will be emailed when they become available.  All the entries go through the tet manager, please look out for the dates that I need the entries and the form of payments ie BACS or cash / cheque. 
Sunday 20th October       Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Triathlon, Hazelgrove School
Sunday 17th November    Wylye Valley Triathlon, Southfield House
Sunday 15th December    South & West Wilts Triathlon
Sunday 29th December    West Hants Triathlon, Lymington Leisure Centre
further dates will be confirmed after the Area meeting.
Area 14 Winter Accumulator: for competitors who complete 4 Triathlons throughout the Winter season.  
Shooting practices: please let me know the dates you can come  NB there are some Fridays.
Rally fee £2  
Times:  5.15pm, 5.50pm 10m, 6.30pm or 7pm – please advise if 7pm is too late for those coming at 6.30pm.  We may do both or either, depending on numbers.
Tuesday 24th September
Friday 4th October
Tuesday 8th October
Tuesday 15th October
Tuesday 22nd October
Friday 1st November
Tuesday 5th November
Tuesday 12th November
Tetrathlon is a great sport for individuals and teams, for those who are athletes and those who are keen to work on their fitness.  There’s something for everyone, with personal goals and personal best scores being the important factor, and of course, being with the special crowd of friends: PC Tetrathletes and their families.
Regular training helps with technique and fitness, and you’ll find your scores improve.  Everyone is making great progress in the shooting range, not only with the shooting scores but a multitude of other skills, primarily a cheerful, positive approach to life, which is a winner before we start!
Swimming:  with Tidworth Killer Whales, there’s opportunity to train from one to four sessions a week: (when ready for length swimming)
Tidworth Leisure Centre on Monday and Thursday 7 – 8pm.  
Durrington pool on Sunday 2 – 3pm
Five Rivers Salisbury on Wednesday 6.30 – 7.30pm
The subscription is £20 for first child, £15 for second etc (approx) If you’re interested just go along to one of the sessions, you’ll be able to have a trial session before signing up.  It’s a great club for tetrathletes, speak to Steve at Tidworth and Andy at Salisbury and Durrington.  
There’s swimming at Farleigh School too, let me know if you’d like to know more.
Running:  XC running clubs at school, the park run on Saturday mornings, running round the village playing fields etc are all good to improve your running.  Try to build in a warm up and cool down programme into your running training.  Keep a record of when and where you’ve run.  Recording is good, and helps keep you motivated.
Beanies: for 7 & unders, the Triathlons have classes for you, please get in touch if you’d like a practice bean bag session beforehand.  Aim to do swimming lessons too, that’s the best investment. 
If you have any queries please get in touch.  Look forward to replies for shooting practice and an outline of which Tris you can go to would be great.  Lots of opportunities this winter for fitness, fun and friends!
Best wishes,
07970 945670 


Come on you girls!!! Come along & show the boys what you can do!

Many congratulations to Alex Wilson and Ben Burgess for qualifying for the Winter Triathlon Championships at South Berks Pony Club Triathlon yesterday.  Alex won the qualifier, with PBs in all phases, starting with a fantastic 940 shoot.  Ben swam over 9 lengths and was just off a 1000 run.  We are so proud to have 2 RA junior boys going to the Champs, this is a huge achievement.  It’s a result of the boys’ dedication, determination and drive!  Well done Alex and Ben, keep up the training for 31st March.  


The RA Tetrathlon team had a great day at the Cattistock Triathlon on Sunday.  Mini boys were out in force, we fielded a junior boys team for the first time and the girls produced great performances too. Thank you to the Cattistock Pony Club for hosting a wonderful event.
Ben Burgess qualified for the Winter Triathlon Championships in March.  Great news and many congratulations too for being selected to compete at the invitational Tetrathlon at Windsor Horse Show in May competing for Southern England.  This is a great opportunity and achievement, and we wish him well in his preparations for these events.


RA Tet team had a very successful day at the West Hants Triathlon yesterday including the winning 9 & under team, and top individual slots for junior and mini boys, plus the parents even had a go, coming 2nd, so it really is fitness, fun and friends for all the family! 




Good shooting tonight from the boys, Freddie, Alex and Ben.  They are rewarded for the weekly training and dedication.  Keep it up!  For fitness, fun and friends for all the family, be a Tetrathlete!

RA Tetrathletes had a cracking day yesterday at Southfield House.  Well done team and thank you to the Wylye Valley Pony Club for another wonderful event. 




Henry has had such fun doing the tri and tetrathlon this year. He has come a long way and is enjoying his new pony.

The first is ready for the off at the Hursley Tet and the other two are the last fence and finishing smile at the Poole and District (first time XC on new pony). The smile says it all!