Saturday September 26, 2020
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Welcome to the Pony Club!

We know that joining the Pony Club can feel like entering a new world, especially if you aren’t as ‘horsey’ as your child!

The good news is, that is what the Pony Club is all about: helping to improve standards of riding and care while making friends and having fun.

PC First show image

New mothers\fathers morning: Date
Thursday June 6th am.
Introduction for new parents to the
pony club.  Please come and join us
for a beginners guide to the pony
– Tips on getting your child/pony
ready for a rally (tack and turnout
– what to bring what not to bring)
– How to fill out entry forms,
working out which classes are most
suitable – what they mean
– What to take to a show.
– Towing your trailer, come and
practice with some helpful hints
from those who have already been
there and done that!
meet other pony club parents and
realiseNew Mothers and Fathers Morning June 6t they are all very
approachable and welcoming
Ten top tips for a new PC mum 
  • Try to find a pony by word of mouth, ask people already in the pony club with slightly older children.
  • Check out the second hand clothes shop as small sizes often have very little wear.
  • Practice loading your pony before your first rally.
  • Allow plenty of time to drive there and tack up.
  • Our DC is called Judy, and she is very friendly, say hello if she is around.
  • Clean tack, (with grass reins if needed), neck straps, hair tied back or in a net, gloves, plain blue or black hat cover and clean Jodpur boots and a groomed pony will make the DC and the pony happy!
  • Introduce yourself! It’s much more fun knowing the other mums.
  • Sign up for dismounted rallies, they are much easier for the children to get to know each other.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice – that’s what we are here for!
  • Volunteer to help with events that are too ‘big’ or too ‘young’ for your children.

My first rally: What should I wear?

What to wear is full of useful info but here are some key points:

Most important is a correctly fitting, Pony Club approved standard, riding hat….see the page HAT & BODY PROTETOR RULES for more information
If it needs a hat cover, just a plain dark blue or black one. The first time you come to a rally, take it to Judy, our DC or the person in charge, and she will check and tag it for you. Don’t forget to tie hair back and put a hairnet over it.

A pair of Jodhpur boots. Black or brown. They have a smooth sole and small heel which helps stop the foot slipping straight through the stirrup iron, or getting caught in the iron if she/he falls off. You can wear a pair of plain half chaps as well, if that is more comfortable.

Gloves are important to protect your hands and help reins from slipping through the hand – especially if your pony likes to put his head down to eat!

Beige, cream or plain, dark coloured jodhpurs.You can wear a shirt and pony club tie for rallies, but most people wear our maroon polo shirts with a navy blue pony club sweatshirt. If you need a coat, it should be suitable for riding and a plain dark colour. Details of  RAPC  branded clothing can be found on the ‘Clothing’ tab

What should my pony wear?

A bridle with a nose band.

If my pony is greedy and I am off the lead-rein, grass reins can help.

A neck strap can be made from an old stirrup leather, and can help stop me catching my pony in the mouth.

Check that all the stitching is sound and it is best if it is regularly cleaned as this keeps the leather supple and strong and is more comfortable for the pony.

A saddle also needs to be kept clean and check the stitching, especially on the stirrup leathers and girth straps. There are various makes of safety stirrup on the market which are obviously a wise choice.

We hope this information helps. If you have any questions or worries, please contact anyone on the committee, who will be happy to help you.