Friday August 23, 2019

Polo – Want to know more?


Anyone can come and have a go, so why don’t you?  It’s great fun.

But I don’t have a polo stick, so I can’t – yes you can, you can borrow an RA polo stick.

But my pony has never played before – many haven’t – we get them started.  Most take to it easily.

What do I need? Yourself in riding gear including your riding hat, your pony and tack, and some bandages or protective boots to go on all four of your pony’s legs;  oh, and the ability to plait you pony’s tail (with or without help – and we will show you how it’s done) and to tape it up.

The players wear white jeans rather than jodhpurs – yes, how cool is that?  But you don’t need to have white jeans to come and have a go.  Just wear your jodhpurs (unless you have some white jeans and want to wear them)

How do I get started? We hold stick and ball training sessions at Tidworth polo club, Tedworth House, Tidworth on the practice ground on many Sundays throughout the summer. You can find out dates and times from the polo contact below.

Are there matches? Yes – the summer tournaments are held in July and August.  The 3 qualifying tournaments are in late July and and the Championships are held in August at Cowdray Polo Club (Midhurst, West Sussex) .

How many are in a team? 4

How much fun is it? MASSIVE FUN – HUGE!

Come and have a go! 

Want to know more? Just ask, contact is Georgina Spring

and on the polo news page

2019 Update News

  1. Dates

The PC Polo Championships are 9-11th August 2019 at Cowdray.  Other dates will be added as they are confirmed

  1. Want to play this year?

Contact Georgina Spring.  We can help you work out which section you should play in and help with training and getting you into teams.  Remember PC subs must be in by end of January if you want to play this summer.  For details of the sections see Pony Club website.

  1. Section Leaders

Each section needs an adult parent leader to sort out the teams and forward championship/qualifier entries to the polo contact and arrange entries for other tournaments they wish to do.  Volunteers requested?  

  1. Rules Updates

Here is a link to an up to date copy of the rules. .

  1. Care and welfare sessions

This summer, to bring us into line with all the other RA PC teams we are asking that everyone who wishes to be in a polo team this summer attends a care and welfare session. 

  1. Dismounted session

We plan to do a dismounted polo session at Easter.  This would cover rules, game strategy, practicing swing on chairs (for younger members) and getting your horse fit for polo and care at the ground.  This session can count as your care and welfare session.  Date to be arranged.

  1. Polo Badges

There are two pony club polo badges.  The Intro to Polo Badge and the Polo Badge (criteria can be found on the PC website).  For those who wish to do these (they are completely optional). The dismounted rally would give an ideal opportunity to cover the intro badge and I think that those who had attended this and a ridden polo rally/training session would qualify to be awarded it.  If anyone wishes to do the polo badge, we would be happy to arrange a session with one of our coaches this summer at the summer training sessions to prepare and take this badge as well.

  1. Rally price

To bring us into line with the other rallies, formal rallies will cost £12.50/person and £10 each for further siblings (usually the winter arena sessions).  Informal training sessions will remain at £5 to cover payment to TPC for use of practice ground

  1. Training Sessions Summer

Once the outdoor season is underway, we will try and get some training sessions going.  As before, these will be mainly on a Sunday at Tidworth’s main grounds.

  1. Pony hire

Pony hire is available at Tidworth for training and most tournaments.  We can give you  contacts for this, however please note it is your responsibility to make these arrangements.

11.Pool players

The aim is to get everyone who wants to play playing this summer so where we can’t get a full team together we will try and either put you in the pool or get pool players to make up the team.  To do this I need to know who is playing early, so please do let us know as soon as you can

  1. Join HPA

The Pony Club are encouraging their players to join the HPA as junior members.    Introductory & Pony Club HPA membership is for players who are purely under instruction or playing Pony Club Polo Only. This membership is free and does not include any form of insurance, you are purely put on the HPA newsletter mailing list to keep you in the loop and aid your progression in polo. This information also gives the HPA an overview of the progression and development of people entering the sport. You cannot play any club chukkas or tournaments with Introductory & Pony Club membership you must have the appropriate chukka or full membership. Details are on this link.

13 .Recruiting new players

The junior rallies this year have been great and we are hoping that the children who tried it for the first time will continue this summer.   To try and encourage more to join in we are planning to hold a Junior Camp session this summer.  Also, if you know of anyone who would like to play do direct them to me and I’ll try and get them involved

If you want to get involved then please contact

L-R: Freddie Heathcote-Hobbins, Emma Talbot Rice, Hannah Hall (Tedworth), Freddie Pritchard (CowdraWe came andley Cross – players under 14 (min 9 yrs old), ponies 14.2hh and under, general pony club ponies;