Wednesday November 21, 2018

RA PC half term Polo Rally on Monday 22nd October at 11am at the Tidworth Polo arena by the Garrison Stable Yard.  There are a couple of spare places for this rally so please do tell anyone interested to get in touch if they wish to join in. Contact: Cost is £12.50/head


Emma Talbot Rice, Ella Fanshawe, Lizzie Hankinson and Harry Alexander came together for a great season of Pony Club polo. Rendell division is for the under 21s and allows players to play polo from one pony.
There was only one team in opposition this year ( Heythrop) and this meant that the Qualifers were played as an on-going 9 chukka match tournament over three days. The teams were evenly matched with the score being either a draw, or one nil with each team taking it in turns to win. The conclusion to the final Qualifier chukka was yet another draw and there was a run-down at Hurtwood to decide the winner. The ground was not with the RA and a fantastically strong hit from Harry unfortunately found a deep divot that sent the ball spinning into the air, and victory was not to be.

On to the Championships and over three days six chukkas were hard fought. With great support from Harry at back, Emma and Lizzie passing the ball fluidly to each other and some great near and off-side stick work from Ella, again saw these two teams neck and neck going into the final chukka. Heythrop managed to slot in two goals dashing our hopes of winning. However it was much commented on that the Rendell Division displayed competitive, friendly and sporting polo.


This year the RA entered a Gannon team made up of two RA payers, Oli Fanshawe, George Hankinson and two Grafton players, Johnny Beck Brown and Freddie Barlow. There were four teams in the Gannon Division and the quality and strength of play and horse power was often awe inspiring. The Qualifiers saw our first initial match go the opponents way with a strong score against us, day two we recovered to impose a strong win against a second team and day three saw a needle-match against a very strongly mounted and practised team, with the RA winning by half a goal.
We came second in the Qualifier League.

The RA played two matches at the Championships. The first was played in blinding and torrential rain posing yet more challenges to our team. Our opposition, ( Beaufort) fired up by their earlier half goal loss, came on the field fully charged and won. Our final against the Cotswold team saw us back on form with a strong win.
We came third in the Championships.

The RA Handley Cross team improved immeasurably over the 3 weeks of competition play and excelled at the championships, winning the Pardy Cup, coming 3rd overall and contributing to the RA beating all other branches to win the Stable Management prize over the course of the 3 day championships.  Kate and Edward combined well with pool players Lily and Sophie to produce some fine runs to goal in which all members of the team contributed.   As they went into the third day of play, they were lying third overall, having had a triumphant 2-0 win against the Cottesmore and holding the West Hants to a draw.  The other teams were therefore out to beat the RA on the final day but the RA kept their cool, and put the ball through the goal a couple more times to retain their 3rd place and win the Pardy Cup.  An outstanding performance and an outstanding result.


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The 2012 Champions – the RA Jorrocks team at the Hurtwood Championships – winners of Div 3
L-R: Freddie Heathcote-Hobbins, Emma Talbot Rice, Hannah Hall (Tedworth), Freddie Pritchard (Cowdray)

Anyone can come and have a go, so why don’t you?  It’s great fun.

But I don’t have a polo stick, so I can’t – yes you can, you can borrow an RA polo stick.

But my pony has never played before – many haven’t –  we get them started.  Most take to it easily.

What do I need? Yourself in riding gear including your riding hat, your pony and tack, and some bandages or protective boots to go on all four of your pony’s legs;  oh, and the ability to plait you pony’s tail (with or without help – and we will show you how it’s done) and tape to tape it up.

The players in the photos are wearing white jeans rather than jodhpurs – yes, how cool is that?  But you don’t need to have white jeans to come and have a go.  Just wear your jodhpurs (unless you have some white jeans and want to wear them)

How do I get started? Just come!  We hold a stick and ball session at Tidworth polo club, Tedworth House, Tidworth on the practice ground there every weekend – usually a Sunday morning at 10am, but the time can vary to accommodate other commitments.  Cost – £7 per player

Are there matches? Yes – the summer tournaments are held in July and August.  The 3 qualifying tournaments are in late July and August (at Cirencester, Longdole and Tidworth polo clubs) and the Championships are held in August at Hurtwood Polo Club (Ewhurst, Surrey) for Jorrocks and at Cowdray Polo Club (Midhurst, West Sussex) for other sections

What are the different sections? Teams are split into sections as follows:

  • Jorrocks – players under 11 (min 6 yrs old), ponies 13.2hh and under, general pony club ponies;
  • Handley Cross – players under 14 (min 9 yrs old), ponies 14.2hh and under, general pony club ponies;
  • Surtees – players under 14 (min 9 yrs old), polo ponies, 1 chukka matches;
  • Loriner – players under 16 (min 12 yrs old), polo ponies, 1 chukka matches;
  • Langford – players under 17, polo  ponies, min handicap -1, 2-4 chukka matches;
  • Rendell – players under 21 (min 16 yrs old), polo ponies, 1 chukka matches;
  • Gannon – players under 21, polo ponies, min handicap 0, 2-4 chukka matches.

How many are in a team? 4

How much fun is it? MASSIVE FUN – HUGE!
Come and have a go!


Want to know more? Just ask – Elspeth Talbot Rice or Julian Heathcote-Hobbins