Wednesday September 22, 2021
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Pony Club Rallies



Bumble, Frosty and Jimbo listening very carefully to their instructor at the flatwork rally


Rallies take place throughout the year. There are Evening rallies and  the summer Rallies start in July and end in August and are held at Ickworth . Winter rallies and workshops are also held at a variety of venues. A fee is requested for each Rally, to defray the cost of hiring Instructors and maintaining equipment. Easter rallies are often half day, summer rallies are  usually a  full day 

Summer Rally Organiser – Susanne White – – 01284 388166 or 07887 591853

Winter Rally  Organiser  – Clare Pettitt – 

2020 Ickworth Park rally dates –

Tack Check guide for parents before Lessons. Bearing in mind that the Coach cannot, under current rules, do their normal tack check.

Tack Check guide for parents before Rallies



All bookings will be taken on our administrative site Web Collect  where you can find further details of all the rallies .

Closing dates will be a week before the rally date but PLEASE book as early as you can it makes it much easier to book Instructors , put groups together and keep venues happy if we can be well organised.

Groups will be arranged once all bookings are in for each rally, please remember that the sessions will all be fun and educational and we are experienced in matching up ponies and riders to make the hour sessions work for everyone, sometimes due to smaller numbers there will be a mixture of abilities but the Instructor will be well aware of this and will adapt the session as needed.

Your booking details are important to gauge abilities and aspirations, please give as much information as possible and feedback is always welcome.


Please dress in correct riding gear; boots/tagged hat/jodhpurs or breeches. Because it is often cold and coats and layers of clothes are needed the shirt and tie rule will be relaxed but please still dress tidily as this makes riding much safer, remember you can buy SHPC skins, polo shirts and jackets from from touchline online store.


please book all rallies  via Web Collect site



Please remember that these rallies are arranged for the benefit of our PONY CLUB MEMBERS. If you have yet to renew your annual Pony Club membership, please do so before booking in for the rallies. However, if you have friends with ponies who may like to come along and try out Suffolk Hunt Pony Club with a view to joining us, that can be accommodated too… just contact me directly with details.

As always, at rallies Pony Club members are grouped by ability and aptitude, and instructors will work hard to ensure everyone is stretched in a safe and happy environment. We hope that riders will see an improvement in their confidence and ability over the course of the season. Please do feel that you can approach instructors at the end of the rally for hints and tips on how to progress with your pony/horse should you want help.

Remember, Monica’s Catering will be in attendance with bacon baps, burgers, hot dogs, hot and cold drinks, cakes, chocolate and, most importantly, polos. Arrive early for a bacon bap and a hot cuppa to give you lots of energy for a busy few hours.

Some important reminders…

  1. Please remember the new rules relating to riding hats. Go to for full details. Most hats worn last season will NOT comply with the new regulations, so please check yours carefully. We cannot permit any rider to take part in a rally using a riding hat that does not conform to the new rules… refunds will not be given for your error.
  2. Please check our website for guidance on tack and rider dress. Rider and horse safety are paramount, and every pairing will be checked by an instructor before riding. If tack or dress are deemed hazardous/dangerous, you will need to rectify the problems immediately BEFORE being allowed to continue with the ride. This Pony Club check extends to the general soundness and wellbeing of the horse and the quality of shoeing. Note that if you can’t remedy the situation, you will have to leave the ride with lots of sympathy but no refund.
  3. You are welcome to follow your child’s ride at a distance at rallies (although lead rein parents/helpers are obviously allowed closer!), but please do not interfere with the instruction!
  4. Please remember to keep dogs on leads at all times as required by the National Trust and our own risk assessment.
  5. It would be wise to keep a first aid kit in your car/lorry containing insect sting cream, a form of antihistamine and paracetamol (or similar). While we do have qualified first aiders on site in case of accidents, we are not permitted to supply medication such as paracetamol, antihistamine, etc.
  6. Should your child require special medication or have any health issues, please ensure that we know about it and that you inform your instructor at the start of the rally.
  7. Remember we are on Facebook as a Closed Group (so you have to ‘apply’ to join). Go to for updates on SHPC events and members.
  8. Any late rally cancellations due to weather/ground conditions will be posted on Facebook and emailed to members registered for the rally. These decisions are usually made the day before a rally. Please check before leaving if you are unsure whether a rally is going ahead.
  9. We always welcome constructive feedback on all aspects of our rallies to help improve future events for members… just email me please!

So, all that’s left for you to do is to find your way to Webcollect  and book your rallies.

I look forward to welcoming you to Ickworth Park in the near future.

Best wishes…


Susanne White
Ickworth Park Rally Organiser




Rally Information

New Online Payment system

All rallies can be booked online which is very simple and efficient- see below  .

This year we have moved to a web based system (called “Web Collect”) for booking and paying for rallies on line.  The new system gives 3 options for payment – bank transfer, PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account to use this system) or cheque and we hope it will offer and flexible and efficient way of booking in.
To get all the rally information and make a booking you need to go to the Web Collect site . This link will take you straight to the  “Suffolk Hunt Welcome Page”   Full instructions on how to use the new system are on the welcome page but if you have any problems making a booking or paying then please contact Judith Esterhuizen (01284 72389701284 723897 – please leave a message if no-one there and Judith will call you back).
If you don’t wish to make an online booking then rally forms are available

SHPC Rallies Bookings and Cancellations.
When booking in for rallies, both winter and summer, you are making a declaration to the rally organiser that you wish to be included in the rally and from these bookings the organiser then secures the venue and/or Instructors for the appropriate number of sessions.
The rallies are organised on behalf of our members and are budgeted at as low a cost per member as is possible for the rallies to financially break even.
It is our branch policy to be as accommodating as possible to late bookings and if there are spaces in a group at the appropriate level you may be able to join the rally or go on a wait list for that rally if it is fully booked.
However we need to establish a recognised cancellation/refund policy because once the venue and Instructors are booked, we are then committed to cover the level of expenditure they require, therefore:
A full refund will be given for withdrawals before the closing date for booking in to that rally.
Once the rally rides have been organised and the venue and/or Instructors booked, refunds will only be given if there is a wait list and your place is filled by another member or in extraordinary circumstances,  at the discretion of the Rally Organiser and the Branch DC.
Any queries relating to the above by email to the Rallies Subcommittee c/o
Thank you.