Wednesday September 22, 2021
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Tests and badges

Tests and achievement badges

Contact Rachel Fitton for more information

07711 801702 

Information for Zoom training
Zoom training with under 18 year olds  parents need to sign the consent  form please. Also just as, if not more important ,you have to have another adult apart from the coach sitting in on the sessions, they are on mute but must have a safeguarding certificate and be there for the entire session.
If the members are over 18 then just the coach is sufficient, but they must still sign the form.

Pony Club Online Training Consent Form


SHPC Badges

Throughout the year we work towards various badges, testing for which may be completed at rallies and at camp. To complement this we also have the following opportunities for members:

Two local riding schools who have close alliances with Suffolk Hunt Pony Club are very happy to welcome SHPC members to their regular badge work sessions.

Moat Farm Riding Centre, Golden Lane, Lawshall, Bury St Edmunds, IP29 4PS, run a monthly badge work session.  

Moat Farm Riding Centre is a 5 star Riding Establishment that has also been a Pony Club linked Centre for over 10 years and home to Equine Working Notebooks. Our family have been involved with SHPC for over 30 years! 

Once a month on a Friday evening (usually the first Friday of the month) we run a non-riding session from 5-7pm working towards Achievement Badges, with practical  
experience of handling and looking after the ponies correctly included in the sessions. 
Juice and Biscuits/Cake are provided.

Saddle Club, which includes riding the Moat Farm ponies (always a positive to be able to ride a variety of different ponies! )as well as training towards the Pony Club efficiency tests. These sessions are held once a month on a Saturday afternoon from 1-5pm with juice and biscuits/cake provided. 

We always welcome Suffolk Hunt Pony Club members to both Achievement Badge sessions and to Saddle Club.  
Event dates are listed on our Facebook page. 
For more details and booking information please contact 
Christina De’Ath 07815 782520
BHS Accredited Professional Coach
Tish Adams 07786 911155 
Equine Working Notebooks
BHS Accredited Professional Coach 


Hill Farm Stables Riding School & Livery, Ashfield Road, Elmswell, IP30 9HL run weekly stable management and pony club sessions.

They run stable management pony club sessions on a Tuesday, Thursday (5pm-6.30pm) and on a Saturday (1pm-2.30pm) during term times. The half term is £30 for 7 sessions and badges are awarded at the end of each term at £1 per badge. During the holidays they have pony days that have a certain pony club badge topic along with some riding they cost £40 and run from 9am-4pm and they are willing for SHPC members to bring their own ponies to these days if they wish as long as vaccinations are up to date. 

For further information and to arrange to attend please contact Hill Farm on 07845 320424.

SHPC Tests

At rallies and camp we provide training towards Pony Club Tests, at points during the year we run testing days for those who feel ready to take the next test. As you go through the tests some tests are completed externally, again as these are available in Area 8 these will be advertised. Information about testing days will be posted on our facebook page and emailed out to members.

Many thanks Rachel