Thursday December 7, 2023
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If you are interested in being in a team for a competition, it is up to you to contact the discipline organiser. Decisions made regarding team selection are made by the discipline organiser/trainer and should be respected. Team entries must ONLY be submitted by the discipline organiser.


Each discipline has a page which gives you information on what is expected.

Pony Club is very much a team sport, even though sometimes you feel you are on your own the rest of the team and club are behind you.

When you represent the Club at Areas or Championships please support each other, find out who is on your team, make sure you watch them when it fits with your times.

Go to prize giving as a team all dressed in your hat, hairnet, jacket, gloves, jods and boots.  Even if you think you didn’t do well, stay and support members of your team that did –

One day you could be standing there and will feel so proud that your friends are there smiling and pleased for you.