WKM Mounted Games

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Mounted Games is open to anyone in the club under 15 on 1st January and is divided into 3 main sections:

Minis – lead rein/just off and Novice riders

Juniors – not to have attained 11th birthday on 1st January of current year

Seniors – not to have attained 15th Birthday on 1st January of current year

Ponies – must be 14.2hh and underDress Code: As rallies – but NO HOODIES!!  


Mounted Games
Bostock & Free Jump stirrups are not allowed at Pony Club Mounted Games events.
Stirrups which include Metal/ Metal type treads, including but not limited to those with protruding spikes and / or perforated grip features are NOT Permitted.

We welcome all members of the WKMPC to come along to try mounted games. The training sessions are fun and aim to teach you and your pony to enjoy playing games.  You will all train together, which is great for you all in helping each other learn, building team spirit and making new friends.

During the winter we are meeting every other Saturday at Eaglesfield, please go to the Club Calendar for dates and you can book on via the Bookings page.  If you have any queries please get in touch with Stacie, contact details above.

Due to the speed and nature of games, Pony Club rules stipulate ponies doing games must be 14.2hh and under; this rule applies to rallies and competitions.


Mounted Games – What to wear / Tack


Cream or beige jodhpurs.

White long-sleeved shirts with PC tie.

No jewellery/ watches.


Brown or Black Jodhpur boots with clips or half chaps (no tassels) or long boots

Hat  – plain black or navy cover

Tack – CLEAN – Snaffles only

Jockey Skull tagged- no fixed peak hats allowed

Training / Practice 

Branch polo shirt with sweatshirt or branch rugby shirt.

Long hair must be tied back or in a hairnet

Short Jodhpur boots – no wellies or long boots

No Jewellery  / watches

Dark or cream jodhpurs

Jockey Skull tagged- no fixed peak hats allowed 


Please scan the QR code to below to keep up to date with all the latest Mounted Games information on our WhatsApp group.  There will be documents and links and media if you press the three spots at the top of WhatsApp for things that are always useful, then the news on the front page.