West Kent Meopham Pony Club

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Pony Camp

All Camps will be held at Filston Farm

Mini Camp

A day camp, ponies stay overnight and the children go home.

Junior Camp:

The cost of Junior Camp will be confirmed by April.  The cost will include two riding lessons a day, daily stable management lesson, visiting lectures/talk, accommodation for your pony, hay and straw (shavings not provided) lunch, drinks and loads of fun as well as learning!

Senior Camp runs at the same time as Junior Camp, but with overnight camping and evening entertainment.

Those not wishing to camp are welcome to join for the daytime only, going home maybe after the evening activities.

You need to have been to one rally before attending camp, so that we know your ability and so you get the most out of camp.


The Rosebowl and Charrington Cup 

This competition is held with West Kent (Sevenoaks) Pony Club, for members aged 12 years and under on the day, to win a huge silver cup in memory of Mrs Charrington, former DC of West Kent Hunt Branch in the 1950’s.

It starts about 10am with Condition and Turnout, followed by Riding and Jumping.  It is a social day so take a picnic and a chair and stay on for the inter-club show jumping competition in the afternoon.

Even if you are over 12 years old you can still come to the afternoon jumping, which starts about 2pm.

In 1947 West Kent Hunt Pony Club became so big and covered such a large area it set up a sub-branch of West Kent (Meopham)

In 1972 West Kent Hunt was split into two pony clubs – Meopham and Sevenoaks

In order to keep the connection between the clubs we hold the annual competition, taking turns in hosting it. There is no entry fee

Sevenoaks host it at Judd Wood Farm, Haysden Road, Tonbridge

Meopham host it at Filston Farm, Shoreham, TN14 5JU


In 2017 we hosted and West Kent (Sevenoaks) Pony Club won the Charrington Cup

In 2018 West Kent (Sevenoaks) hosted and they won the Charrington Cup

In 2023 We hosted and Won the Charrington Cup


Competition is for teams of 3 or 4.  Best 3 scores to count.  Fences heights are approx.

Round one – team members 1 & 2 will jump 50/60cms

Round two – teams members 3 & 4 will jump 60/65cms, followed by members 1 & 2 jumping their 2nd round.

Round three – teams members 3 & 4 will jump 70/75cms.

If you only have teams of 3 , two can jump the lower heights and one the higher heights or the other way round.

There will be no team eliminations, just loaded scores for  individuals eliminated.


Whatsapp Information Groups 

The committee have created WhatsApp groups to keep you updated on the different disciplines of the WKM Pony Club. We will keep these groups updated with information as well as our Facebook page. These WhatsApp groups are for broadcasting purposes only. Committee members are the only ones who can comment and add members. Media, Links and Documents can and will be uploaded onto these groups. You can access these by clicking on the title of the group and scrolling down to the relevant tabs.

Should you wish to join any of these groups, please click on either the relevant link or alternatively scan the relevant QR code below. Should you have any problems or issue joining the group please PM me. The groups are as follows: