Show Jumping

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We look forward to seeing you out jumping in the near future and hope the points below will help you.

Bev organises the show jumping, any enquiries 

Look out for regular training sessions on the branch calendar.  Once you have expressed an interest in show jumping Bev will put you onto a reminder email or please add yourself to the SJ WhatsApp Group for training and competitions, but it is important you let her know.  

Each competition will have a closing date clearly stated and you must let Bev know asap if you are interested in competing in a particular event, then payment must be received BEFORE the closing date stated on the list so teams can be organised well in advance of the competition date.

Riders who wish to be included in teams and whose online entry fee has received will then be put into teams within a few days of our closing date. There can be no guarantees of team selection, the aim is to put into teams all riders who are keen to compete and who are of the required standard for the class. Sometimes there may not be a place on a team if we don’t get the exact number of riders for teams of 4 (or 3 if necessary). We may also be limited by the host club in the number of teams we can send to a competition.

Most competitions also hold individual classes. These can be for riders who want to do two classes, riders who do not make the team on that day, and riders who do not feel they are ready to jump in a team. Your children need to be seen jumping by a designated trainer or Bev before entering a team.

You will need to look on the host PC website 2/3 days prior to a competition for your times to jump, although Bev may also remind you. 

Please arrive plenty of time before you are due to jump, with time to course walk. Find Bev or the designated team manager for that day. At some competitions Bev will assign an appropriate person to course walk teams or individuals who need guidance. Please make sure you and your pony and tack are clean and tidy.  Further advice on dress code can be found in the rules below and on the main pony club website.

The committee have created WhatsApp groups to keep you updated on the different disciplines of the WKM Pony Club. We will keep these groups updated with information as well as our Facebook page. These WhatsApp groups are for broadcasting purposes only. Committee members are the only ones who can comment and add members. Media, Links and Documents can and will be uploaded onto these groups. You can access these by clicking on the title of the group and scrolling down to the relevant tabs

Please note: The rules state the following: If you have any objections, complaints, concerns whilst at an event please bring them to Bev or the designated manager attending, not to the host PC please, as this could result in elimination of rider or team and PLEASE RESPECT THE DECISIONS MADE.

Please use the QR code below to join the WhatsApp group to keep up to date with the latest Show jumping information. Press the three dots at the top of WhatsApp for documents, media and links to help you.

The Dream Cleaning Team, ready for our Showjumping Show on17th March 2024