Thursday December 7, 2023
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Reasonable Adjustment

The Pony Club is committed to ensuring that, wherever possible, members are able to access all aspects of the club. Reasonable Adjustments are any actions that help to reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty. They are needed because some disabilities can make it harder for members to take part in activities than it would have been had the member not been disabled. A Member does not necessarily have to be disabled (as defined by the Equality Act 2010) to be allowed an access arrangement.

The idea is that reasonable adjustments help access to tests and other activities and are intended to assist Members in demonstrating their attainment without reducing the Test requirements. All Reasonable Adjustment Plans will be treated confidentially and only shared with permission from the member and their parent (if under 18yrs old).

For more information about Reasonable Adjustments see the national Pony Club website, equality diversity reasonable adjustment

If you feel your child needs help and would benefit from a Reasonable Adjustment plan please contact our DC, Julie Dinnis.