Thursday December 7, 2023
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Pony Club Tests

These Tests are progressive and are designed to help you to increase your knowledge and skills as you work towards each level, beginning with “E” which is very simple, and finishing with “A” which involves a greater practical and theoretical knowledge.

Safe riding on the road is very important and so the mini Road Rider badge must be completed before the “D” Test, and the main Road Rider badge completed before the “C” Test.

From “C” Test level and upwards, the Riding and Horse & Pony Care sections of the tests can be taken separately.

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Resources to help you learn for your tests are available here


Well done to all those who passed their D and D + tests – June 2023

Jessie Brown,  Bella Rozmarie,  Seraya Spencer,  Olivia Matarazzo,  Freya Bush,  Betty Ward and Isabelle Loveridge 

D +

Millie Steinmab-Gilbert, Dolly Howard, Emilia Mole, Ellie Loveridge, Sophie-Alice Hill, Georgia Langley and Olympia Cogan. 


Well done to

Lucy Carter-Griffiths and Holly Batchelor on passing their B Care Test. 

May 2023

Well done to those that passed their tests at Camp 2021

C Plus

Beau Bruce, Megan Batchelor and Holly Batchelor

D Plus

Lucy Gal, Flora Gal, Courtney Lye, Lois Ripley, Kara Mitchell, Mae Phillips, Ruby Price, Lilymay Price, Roxanne Luscombe, Sienna Vickers, Ella Bayliss

July 2021



We had a 100% pass rate this year, many thanks to our instructors for their enthusiasm and time in getting everyone through these more difficult tests.

C Test –

Emily Waller, Bea Scott, Maddie Abbott and Isabel Wardell

C + Test

Maddie Abbott, Isabel Wardell, Bella Saville, Lucy Carter Griffiths and Mea Moore.


August 2019



C and C + Training days will be held on 12th August with the test on 27th August 2019.

Please contact Sarah Waller Contacts Page for more information and we may also hold more training if needed.


C Test 2018

C Test 2018


 😆 Well done on passing your C Test 😆

Daphne Laird, Scarlet Clark-Murphy, Lucy Body,

Francesca Matarazzo, May Scott






C Test.Aug17

C Test August 2017

Well done on passing your C Test

Mia Russell, Isabella Saville, Rose Laird, Harriet McEntee, Jessica Boxall



You should have been invited to start training for a Test this summer, whether you take it this year or next.  This is for those that already have their D+ and above.

Please respond to the relevant Committee member so that we can arrange training to help you.

Many thanks