Thursday December 7, 2023
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Whip and Spur Guidance Update

Please be aware that the whip and spur guidance has been amended for 2022.

For Show Jumping and Cross Country a padded whip must be used, full details of the type of whip can be found in the relevant sport Rulebook. In order to improve welfare of horses and ponies competing under The Pony Club, appropriate and excessive use of the whip has been defined, all members should be aware that excessive use of the whip will result in disqualification.

Spurs must only be used to enhance the normal leg aids and never to vent a competitor’s anger. Use of spurs which cause injury e.g. blood or broken skin is always classed as misuse, any misuse of spurs anywhere on a showground will result in disqualification. Further information can be found in the Rulebooks.