Tuesday December 5, 2023
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Useful information
Reasonable adjustment
The Pony Club is committed to ensuring that, wherever possible, members are able to access all aspects of the Branch and Centre activities we offer.
Reasonable adjustments are any actions that help to reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty. They are needed because some disabilities can make it harder for members to take part in activities than it would have been had the member not been disabled. A member does not necessarily have to be disabled (as defined by the Equality Act 2010) to be allowed an access arrangement. Reasonable adjustments are intended to increase access to Tests and other activities and are intended to assist members in demonstrating their attainment without affecting or circumventing the test requirements. All reasonable adjustment plans will be treated confidentially and only shared with permission from the member and their parent (if under 18yrs old).
Please use the following link to find out more about reasonable adjustments and how to request support: https://pcuk.org/officials/equality-diversity/reasonable-adjustment/
Team selection policy
Please read the WKSPC team selection policy if you would like to compete on behalf of WKSPC.
All the branches in Area 11 of the Pony Club (the Area to which we belong) have also agreed the following overarching policy, under which each branch has developed their own stipulations:

In order to be eligible to compete at Area Competitions, members from all branches in Area 11 and their horse/pony must have actively taken part in at least 3 rallies, qualifying coaching, or training sessions during the previous 12-month period unless prevented from doing so by illness, absence from home, or any other reason which in the opinion of the DC justifies absence.

For the purposes of this rule, a rally, qualifying coaching or training session is one which is organised by a branch committee, the Area Rep, or by the training committee. Each day of a Camp shall be counted as a separate rally, qualifying coaching, or training session.

In addition to demonstrating loyalty to the branch, the combination of horse and rider will also be required to prove their competence, safety, plus fitness of horse or pony, in the specific sport and level that the member wishes to participate at.

Branches may have additional rules.

Codes of conduct
The Pony Club has created a series of Codes of Conduct which are summaries of the policies which apply to all members, parents, coaches, officials and volunteers. As an organisation the Pony Club believes in showing respect to everyone and will not tolerate bullying or any form of abuse towards another individual.
To help ensure continued enjoyment, fair play and a positive atmosphere for all within our branch and beyond, we urge all members, parents, coaches, volunteers and officials to read, respect and abide by the Codes of Conduct.
If you become aware of any misconduct then please make contact and report it to our District Commissioner, Mrs Sollis, our Area Representative Abby Bernard (area11@pcuk.org) or Pony Club headquarters so that it can be investigated.