Tuesday December 5, 2023
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Pony Racing

If you are interested in becoming involved in pony racing, please contact Mrs Giddings on westkentsevenoaks@pcuk.org in the first instance. 

Objective: to provide an opportunity for all Members interested in racing to compete against each other and to encourage a high standard of riding.

For more information on Pony Racing, take a look at the Pony Club Pony Racing website http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/disciplines/racing/

If you’re interested in taking part in Pony Racing, please have a look at the rulebook: http://www.pcuk.org/index.php/sports/racing/racing_rules/.


Have you seen this incredible initiative designed to help children get into pony racing? Contact Mrs Giddings if you’d like to know more about it.



Lingfield, 2 September 2021

Well done to Suzy who was our sole competitor at Lingfield this time.  She and Reggie put in a strong perfromance to take 6th place in the 128cm race, and also won best turned out.  

Sadly the race due to take place on 29th October at Lingfield Park Racecourse had to be cancelled. Good luck to Iona when she finally gets out on course for her first race.


First-hand experiences of pony racing

Always wanted to try pony racing but not sure what it’s really like? Read some of these first-hand accounts of the experience by our members who have raced. If you’d like more information, get in touch with Louise, whose son Ben Pearson is now a professional jockey, having started his racing career at WKSPC!

Ben across the winning post

Ben Pearson in his early days as a pony racer

Here’s an account by Tillie Woods of her first time out on the race track:

I’m about to tell you about my first ever Pony Race which was at Ascot on my pony Wayward Izzy. I was incredibly nervous and before I knew it we were walking the course. On the course walk they give you lots of great and encouraging tips to help you. Before I could blink I was waiting nervously in the parade ring, seeing my race pony walking as calm as could be around this huge ring. Then a bell rang and that was my cue to get on my pony ready to get racing. At this point I was exited not scared. As we walked down to the starting point Izzy was so calm, whilst every other pony was rearing and trying to take off!  When we got down there we were told to circle to keep our ponies calm and then we had our girths checked; then a lady said, “please could you get in line” and at that very moment everything went in slow motion.  The flag went down and we were off. My pony was going as fast as she has ever been, I was in 3rd place and then four furlongs later another rider cut me up and I had to pull up.  I got way behind and I was so gutted, but then I realised there was someone behind me so I pushed with all the strength I had. I was so close to the finish line and I finally crossed it, in 5th place. Even though I came 5th I was so proud of me and my pony.

Tillie and Izzy training


Honor Redhouse on her first race experience:

“Even with lots of race training nothing could prepare me for the excitement of the race day. It’s like you’re a real jockey because you have to weigh in and you get to walk around to parade ring. Once on Toffee I was starting to get very nervous and was not really sure what to expect in the race. I was so nervous about having to canter to the start line, just in case Toffee got too excited and I couldn’t pull him up again, but luckily for me I only had to walk there.

“Once we were off and running there was no stopping.  It made me so happy to see all the other horses drift off behind me as I was galloping in front of them off into the lead. It was very tight at the end but Toffee kept the lead right until the finish line. It was so nice to win especially as it was Toffee’s last competition before retirement.

“It was very nice to have Lily there to help me on the day and help get ready. I would highly recommend people to just have a go at racing – you don’t have to be an expert or really fast – it’s just great fun.”

Honor & Toffee in pre-parade ring

Honor & Toffee in pre-parade ring

Honor weighing out

Honor weighing out