Sunday December 17, 2017
Tet / Tri

The Pony Club Tetrathlon provides Members with a challenging competition – requiring sound practical horsemanship and general athletic ability. Members of any age can compete.

Paying for Pre Organised Forthcoming Events

Click here and follow the link to Paypal to pay for entry fees to the upcoming Tet Events. ‘Triathlon/tetrathlon entry fee + £1 costs.  Note: please confirm payment entry to &


Scoring is on a points basis, all the scores from each discipline are added together.  Shooting and riding have maximum scores of 1000 and 1400 respectively; running and swimming have points given according to time taken during the run or distance swum.

Classes are by gender and age as of the 1st January.

Seniors                    25yrs and under

Juniors                   14yrs and under

Minis                       11yrs and under

Mini Mini              8 & 9 yrs

Bi                              7yrs and under (No shoot)

Teams are made up of 4 competitors and the 3 best scores count.

Tetrathlons are usually run over 2 days.

Triathlons are also organised in the same way over one day, with no ride.


Takes place over fixed Cross Country Fences. Tetrathlon courses always include a gate to be opened and closed mounted and a slip rail at which the competitor dismounts, takes the rail down one side, leads his pony over, replaces the rail, then remounts.  Both are timed and no penalties are deducted if accomplished within 60secs.  Maximum points are awarded for a clear round within the optimum time, Minis are not timed.  Points are deducted for various faults or an L option taken.  Siblings can ride the same horse.


Competitors score points in accordance to the distance they have swum in a certain time.


Runners go off at 1minute intervals, usually in their teams, over a measured course. A bogey time is set for the course and for each second over or under that time a number of points are deducted or added to 1000 points.


Using any make of single shot 4.5mm calibre air pistol, flat nosed pellets and Pony Club Targets.  No child under 8yrs can shoot at Pony Club Events and no child under 18 is allowed to carry a gun at a competition.  No gun must be left unattended and all guns must be put out of sight when not in use.

Some useful Some Dos and Dont’s for Tet’s and Tri’s