Monday May 17, 2021
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If you have any questions about Pony Club such as how to join, what to wear to a Rally, what rally to enter… please get in touch, we were all new members once and know it can be a little confusing.

Committee Members

District Commissioner

Holly Dowsing 07739 618698

Assistant District Commissioner

Anya Hallett 07988 744643


Annabel Merrett 07775 645161

Membership Secretary

Emily Pain 07403 080806


Amber Hanney 07990 542120

Chief Instructor

Vikki Macdonald

Instructor’s Representative 

Massey Rowe

Catering Coordinators

Becky Pain & Hannah Harkley

Tetrathlon Representative

Philippa Burrows

Polo Manager

Georgie Eyre

Safeguarding Officer

Holly Dowsing

Parents Representative 

Tammy Higton

Health & Safety Officer

Annabel Merrett


A / AH & B+ At Area 

B  Helena Sherwood riding & theory 

C+ Becky Heappey riding & Emily Pain theory 

C  Mike Cromie 

D+ Tilly Dowsing & Abby Withers 

E / D Massey Rowe