Monday May 17, 2021
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Hunting 2021

Please read the following information which tells you what to do if your child is going to hunt. No child under 12
is to come out hunting unaccompanied. Children of 12 (or nearly 12) are encouraged to take their hunting certificate and should also have their C Test. Our Hunting Representative is Emily Pain, if you have any questions please do contact her 07403 080806

Parents & Children please read carefully

Berkeley Hunt Pony Club members are very welcome out hunting
, but in view of the risks involved those coming out without parents to accompany them MUST follow these strict instructions:

You must ALL telephone Mr Whittaker, 07970 992958 or email, the Hunt Secretary, to ask permission to come out (other than the Childrens’ Meets)

Those who have not passed their Hunting Test MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times, a slightly older sibling who has passed their Hunting Test is NOT enough. Any child looking after a younger sibling should be at least 16. This also applies on Childrens’ Meets. If your parents do not hunt and you have no adult who will be responsible for you, please telephone Emily Pain and discuss the situation with her, and she will look for an adult to guide you.  ALSO, whether you have passed your Hunting test or not and you have a pony that you have not hunted before, you must go with an adult the first time to make sure the pony is safe. Any child not in control will be asked to go home.


Please can you make sure that all children have a card in their pocket , with their name, address and emergency contact phone number.Also to have these details on their mobile phone .

If your child is hunting unaccompanied please follow on foot/in a car.

Subscriptions and Rules for Berkeley Hunt Pony Club Members

Payment of Fees:

Please pay the Hunt Secretary at the Meet BEFORE hounds move off.

18 – 21 yrs £40.00

12 – 17 yrs £25.00

Under 12yrs  £15

Young children under 10 yrs may be accompanied by an adult and hunt for 2 hours from the time of the Meet at a fee of £25.00 for both.

Childrens’ Meets

These take place in October and December and there is a special reduction:

12 yrs & Over £15.00

11 yrs & Under £10.00

10 yrs & Under with Parent £25.00

  1. All horse boxes and trailers must be parked off the road; try to put them into a yard if possible, but ask the owner first.  Do not park across gateways.
  2. Every member of the hunting field is responsible for shutting gates, so DO SO.   Any damage at all must be reported immediately to the Hunt Secretary.
  3. LATENESS.  It is common courtesy not to be late for the Meet.
  4. Courtesy is always important; PLEASE remember to thank ALL FARMERS/LANDOWNERS for allowing us to cross their fields, cars for slowing down for you, and people who open or hold gates for you, and always be polite.
  5. Parents who are following the day’s hunting in cars are asked to follow the instructions of the Car Stewards.  Do not park in gateways.  Do not drive on private tracks or land.

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