Tuesday September 28, 2021
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SWIM,SHOOT & RUN – 17th July 2021 

RUN – Start 2.00 pm

Beanies Start Time 2.00 pm

Beanies will run individually in number order

All other classes will run in groups (number order)

Open Boys Class 1 – approx start time 2.20 pm

Open Girls Class 2 – approx start time 2.40 pm

Intermediate Boys Class 3 – approx.start time 2.50 pm

Intermediate Girls Class 4 – approx.start time 3.00pm

Junior Boys Class 5 – approx.start time 3.20 pm

Junior Girls Class 6 – approx.start time 3.30 pm

Mini Boys Class 7 – approx. start time 3.50 pm

Mini Girls Class 8 – approx.start time 3.55 pm

Tadpole Boys Class 9 – approx. start time 4.05 pm

Tadpole Girls Class 10 – approx.start time 4.10 pm

PC AREA 11 Inter-Branch-Tetrathlon SHOOT LIVE R2

PC AREA 11 Inter-Branch-Tetrathlon SWIM LIVE


Sunday 18th July – RIDE starts at 10.00am will run in numerical order 

All rallies & competition entries where possible will be posted on the   Rally Dates – Make a Booking Payment Page
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*East Kent Hunt Pony Club Membership Renewals 2021***
As you may be aware the Pony Club has recently moved to a new Customer Relationship Management system called Pelham which means that all new and renewal memberships will be processed online from 2021, rather than via me as the East Kent Hunt Pony Club Membership Secretary.
1. Renewal emails will be sent out to all with memberships due to expire on 31/01/2021. So please look out for a renewal invite email dropping into your inbox in the coming weeks. Follow up reminders will also be sent later in January 2021.
2. An email with the link to activate your account on the portal will be sent approx. 5 minutes after the renewal invite.
3. This allows parents/guardians or older members to log in, see your details, re-new and pay online. However, renewals for Family Memberships (i.e., more than two members in a family) cannot be done online – these need to be sent to either by email or mail to Pony Club Head Office.
4. Once renewed, an email confirmation will be sent to the parent/guardian (known in Pelham as the Membership Administrator), and the date extended to 31/01/2022 in Pelham.
5. Credit card, debit card and cheques are all accepted forms of payment. However, direct debit payment is not yet available.
6. In the event that you do not receive a reminder email and link, or should you prefer it is still possible for parents to renew using the EKHPC Membership form below.
7. Any membership forms completed manually should be either scanned and sent by email to Pony Club Head Office membership@pcuk.org or by post to the Membership Team, The Pony Club, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2RW.
8. If you are able, as a UK taxpayer, please complete the gift aid section of the form as this enables the Pony Club as a charity to reclaim the tax that you have already paid on your subscription amount. This is worth approximately £18 per member to our branch and helps to support us with equipment, events, rallies, camps etc.
9. Membership Rates – Membership rates for 2021 have been held at the 2020 level and membership is now for a full year (“rolling membership”) from the renewal date.
Individual Member £80
Family Membership (as defined in the handbook) £200
Non-Riding Member £36
Any membership taken out or renewed after 31st January 2020 would start on the date it was taken and expire 12 months later. These members do not need to renew at this time.
We look forward with optimism to a better 2021 for us all , and to seeing all our members at a Pony Club event or rally again very soon.
Click on the link if you need to download the form.
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