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In brief for Pony Club the following applies:


a) All Riders must be Members of The Pony Club

b) Age 9 – 15 years on 1st January in the current year to compete in Pony Club Race Days.

c) Riders may ride more than once on a Pony Club Race Day.


a) All ponies must be aged between 5 and 20 years.

b) Open to ponies 128cm & under, 138cm & under and 148cm & under.

c) If there is a discrepancy and the height of a pony is found to exceed the maximum height (if a JM% Certificate is not provided) the pony will be disqualified.

d) All ponies must be vaccinated against Influenza. All vaccination Certificates will be checked at declaration, anyone not able to produce a valid certificate will not be allowed to run.  Please check current vaccination rules.

For more information please contact:

Michele Dingle

01303 840669 or


Pony Club Race Days are run up and down the country.

“A way for racing fans to get a taste of what real horse racing is like on a smaller scale !”