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Tetrathlon competitions take place over one or two days and involve shooting, running, swimming and riding (usually cross country but occasionally show jumping or arena eventing).  They are great fun and all ages can get involved.

A few pointers are:

Shoot – no one under 18 years may carry an air pistol in a public place. Long trousers are compulsory. Substantial shoes (trainers are ideal) that do not reach the ankle bone must be worn i.e. No boots. Some events also insist on long sleeves.

Swim – most venues insist on a swimming hat.

Running – if you wear running spikes do not forget to bring trainers as spikes are not always ideal on some terrain.

Ride – Shirt and tie or stock should be worn under cross country shirts and with skins at presentation. Back protectors are compulsory. The gate should be open and closed whilst mounted. Slip rail is negotiated un-mounted.

East Kent Hunt swimming hats £3.50 each are available from Tim Lister.  East Kent Tetrathlon hoodies available from Ambition Sport.

Shooting Practice

Shoot practices are arranged throughout the year.  These are advertised on the calendar.

If you would like to learn more, many of the committee have experience of tetrathlon and would be happy to help you and Tim Lister, discipline manager, is always willing to assist.