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Pony Club offers a wide range of badges that can be earned ranging from topics on pony care, ridden and general knowledge.  Mini badges are achievable by younger members, with the larger badges being achieved when a greater knowledge and understanding of the topic needs to be displayed.  Why not look at the full range of Pony Club Badges on offer and if you would like to do a specific badge please ASK your instructor!


When you pass a test, you will be awarded a felt. This is a small felt disc and it should be worn behind your pony club badge on the left hand side of a jacket or sweatshirt. It must be worn when competing and at prizegiving at any Pony Club competition.

The colours for the felts are as follows :-

E Pale Yellow B Riding Beige
D Yellow B Care Brown
D+ White B whole Red
C Dark Green Lunge Light Blue
C+ Pink AH Orange
A Blue
A honours Purple


Ride & Road Safety Training

The Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge is a prerequisite and must be achieved before taking the D Test.

Before being awarded the ‘C’ Test Certificate, Candidates must have trained for and passed The Pony Club’s Road Rider Achievement Badge or The Pony Club Road Rider Test or the BHS Riding and Road Safety Test (with a recommended minimum 5 hours training).

Before taking the C+ Test, candidates must have passed the C Test, including the Road Rider Achievement Badge. Riders may be required to change horses or ponies for some flat work.

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Claire Stryzyk

Chief Instructor
For information on tests, badges and road safety training please contact Claire.