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Message from Discipline Manager

As the Showjumping Manager I am keen that everyone that wants to have a go at jumping does so, and if you have any questions regarding rallies, entering competitions, what to wear, or anything show jumping related please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I appreciate it can be quite overwhelming with all of the rules and requirements when you first get started. Whilst I may not know the answer straight away, I will find someone who does!


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Jody Tyman

Show Jumping Manager



Showjumping is a popular discipline with most members wanting to take part. Therefore, we run a large number of rallies throughout the year to cater for all abilities. This includes pole work clinics, (once a month) mini-showjumping for those jumping under 70cms (once a month) and two rallies a month for those jumping 70cms and over. There are also additional rallies in the school holidays, for all abilities, at a variety of venues to practice over a full course of fences.

If you have any suggestions for additional jumping rallies please let me know as I am keen to make sure everyone’s needs are catered for! Constructive feedback is always welcome.



Should you wish to compete, there are a large number of shows to attend throughout the year hosted by other branches that often include team events. Schedules will be emailed out as well as shared on Facebook. However, I would advise that all members regularly check the Area 11 Pony Club website as well as follow Area 11 on Facebook for upcoming events.

The highlight for many Branches is the Individual and Inter-Teams Showjumping at Hickstead Showground in August every year. Classes start at 40 cms so it’s a great event for the whole family.


Teams will preferably consist of four riders so that there is a drop score. Teams are chosen by the Discipline Manager in consultation with the Instructors that regularly train the members (David Pearson-Smith and Claire Strysyk). For Areas the DC is also consulted.

Teams are selected based on ability, dedication to regular training at Pony Club rallies, and previous record at Pony Club competitions. Every effort is made to ensure as many members as possible can be included in a team and careful consideration is given to selection.


Pony Club Championships

Every year the Pony Club hosts two Championship events, the BAH Spring Championships at heights of 70cms and above and then the Summer Championships (Grassroots for 70cms and 80cms) and the JCB Summer Championships, both in August but at different venues. Qualifiers for these events are in Area 11 and the location and date varies slightly each year. Usually January/February for BAH Spring Champs and June/July for Summer Championships.

The Elite Individual Showjumping Class is held at Summer Championships for riders 12 years or above, riding a horse 142cms and above. The course is a maximum height of 1.20m in the first round and no qualification is necessary.

Royal Windsor Horse Show

This event takes place typically in May. The jumping class solely for Pony Club members is at a height of 1.10m and the qualifier is at the Area 11 Spring Qualifier, the top six in the class qualify.

Pony Club Mini-Major at The London International Horse Show

The Pony Club invites eight lucky members to take part in this Christmas time show where the member gets to compete in a pair with a senior International rider competing at the show. This is only for 128cms ponies with a rider aged 12 years and below. There are qualifying classes for this prestigious event at both Summer Championships, you must place 1st or 2nd to qualify and entries must be signed off by the DC.