Wednesday September 23, 2020
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Camps for 2020



Camps are held for each age group during the summer holidays for many of our members it is the highlight of their pony club year. Parents are encouraged to stay and help while their children are at Mini Camp (indeed this is required if they are on the lead rein) but for Junior and Senior camps it is a parent-free zone!

All abilities are catered for at each of the camps, and they are great opportunity to for children to get to know other riders of their age, as well other children riding at their level. We encourage all children to go to the camp appropriate to their age however there is some flexibility on age if your child feels they are not yet ready for the next camp, space permitting.


CAMP DATES FOR 2020 – All non residential

Mini and Tiny Trotters – 3-5th August (3 days)  Brightwalton Stud, Brightwalton, RG20 7BZ  

OBHPC Brightwalton Camp 2020 covid plan (1)     

OBHPC Brightwalton Camp 2020 covid plan (1)


Junior – 17-19th August  (3 days) Boomerang Equestrian, Crooked Soley, RG17 0TL

(Now full. If you would like to go on a waiting list e mail Katherine Taylor)

OBH Junior-Camp-Application-2020

OBH Junior-Camp-Application-2020

Junior Camp Packing List    Junior Camp Packing List


Senior –  24th-28th August  Various venues
Application Form below:-

Which Camp is right for my child?

We hope that every member will join us for the summer camps. All camps cater for every level and we intentionally have a big age crossover between camps so your child can choose when they are ready to move to the next camp. As a general rule, children staying for an extra year at the same camp enjoy it more than those moving “up” at the first opportunity so we encourage parents to follow the recommended minimum ages.
Bursaries are available if there is a financial barrier to attending Summer Camp. Contact Alison, Joy or Lisa Heneghan for details.

Summer Camps:

Members are invited to attend ONE of the Summer Camps.

IMG_0262 IMG_5401

Tiny Trotters and Mini Camp  Brightwalton Stud 

OBHPC Brightwalton Camp 2020 covid plan (1)

OBHPC Brightwalton Camp 2020 covid plan (1)

Monday 3rd  August- Wednesday 5th August






Junior Camp – Boomerang

OBH Junior-Camp-Application-2020

OBH Junior-Camp-Application-2020

Monday 17th – Wednesday 19th August


Senior Camp – Various Venues

5 days non residential. 24 – 28 August

12+. Recommended minimum age 13. Should ideally have D+ Test but this is not a pre-requisite.







Booking Summer Camps

Prices for Camps (which will be similar to last year) and booking forms will be available from February (Awards Night). We will endeavour to guarantee space for all children wanting to come to camps.

Ideally the child / pony combination should attend 3 rallies or the Elmwood Big Rally or a camp prep day before camp so that we can ensure that they are in the most suitable ride.


Specialist Camps:

Pre-Season Event Camps- will be returning in 2021

Lisa Heneghan – Organiser


Flu vaccinations

Pony Club Vaccination Rules-2020

Pony Club Camps and many competitions require complete up to date Flu Vaccinations. Even if you have an old pony who has had an annual booster for many years the Flu vaccination Record may not be complete. To be complete the Vaccinations must start with 3 primary injections, this may be at the start or even in the middle of the recorded injections.

Your pony cannot attend camp if there is a discrepancy on his vaccination record so please check it well before camp; atleast 1 in 6 had discrepancies last year all of which could be resolved in time by checking records EARLY.

If the annual booster is late then the process must start again and include all three primary injections.

A horse/pony may compete or go to camp 7 days after the second primary vaccination, it must then receive the third primary to make the record complete there after annual injections.

1st Injection – X

2nd Injection – between 21 and 92 days after the first.

3rd injection – between 150 and 215 days after the second

Annual booster within the 12 months of the third, it must not be after the date of the last injection ie Last injection 03/03/13 next due on or before 03/03/14.

Flu Vaccination Checker