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OBHPC 2023 junior hpc team pre-competition

Do you enjoy looking after your pony? Are you interested in all things equine? If so, this could be the competition for you.

Educating members in how best to keep their animals healthy and happy is one of the Pony Club’s core objectives and this competition helps members to improve their knowledge and show it off while having fun and making friends. Those who have competed over the years will gladly vouch for this and the fact they found Pony Club tests much less daunting after taking part. Competitors also developskills such as team working that greatly benefit them as they embark on their working lives.

For the past 20 years our branch has been a strong supporter of this competition, a tradition we are keen to continue. In 2023 the Pony Club proficiency tests were overhauled to raise the profile of horse welfare, making this discipline more important than ever.

OBHPC HPC Juniors pre-competition briefing

The Competition is dismounted and entirely practical in nature. There are no ridden or written elements. Teams spend a fixed amount of time on 10 different subject areas (eg feeding, first aid, fitness, pasture management, native breeds, colours and markings) answering questions (individually, or as a team), performing practical tasks and solving problems. In all, the Competition lasts about an hour and a half.

Team selection is made in January, and preparation takes place during the weeks running up to the Area Competition in the Easter holidays. These sessions are taken seriously, but we have a lot of fun as well.

Teams for the Horse and Pony Care Competition comprise:

Minis – 3 members aged 10yrs and under, at least one of whom must be aged 8yrs and under. The standard is E, D and D+ tests

Juniors – 3 members aged 13yrs and under, at least one of whom must be aged 11yrs and under. The standard is D+, C and C+ tests

Seniors – 3 members aged 14yrs – 25 yrs, at least one of whom must be aged 16yrs and under. Only one member may be aged 21yrs – 25yrs. The standard is C+, B and AH tests

Ages as at 1st January. Branches can send one team per age group, and a second team if space allows

The Area 9 Competition for 2024 is scheduled to take place on Saturday 6th April hosted by the Wyre Forest Pony Club. If you areinterested in being in a team please contact:

OBHPC HPC Manager is Emma Erskine Crum