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Polo is great fun and a wonderful team sport!

It is useful to have a willing pony that has had experience with a stick and a ball. Regular training sessions are available and we hold taster sessions for those who would like to give it a go. To get involved or have a taster session please contact Jessica Copcutt or for more information see the pony club polo page.

Pony Club Polo competitions tend to take place as follows:

  • Arena Tournaments March and April
  • Friendly Tournaments in July
  • Qualifier Tournaments in July and August 2014
  • Championships in August at Cowdray Park

It is now that time of year when we need to put names forward for those interested in taking part in a polo team this summer.   Below is a brief summary of how it works, what is expected of you etc.  There are a huge amount of mixed abilities in all age groups so don’t let that put you off.

There are several different sections:

Jorrocks (6 – under 11)

JOPS (6-under 11 on a polo pony)
Handley Cross (9 – under 14)
Surtees (9 – under 15)

Loriner/Rendell (14 – under 21)
Langford (under 21) min handicap -2
Gannon (under 21) min handicap -1
Jorrocks and Handley Cross are played on general Pony Club ponies that must attend non polo rallies. In all other sections polo ponies can be used.

This can all look quite daunting, but it is great fun and a really good time that the members love.  They need to do all qualifiers, but not all friendlies, however, it is fun to do the friendlies as it’s great chance to improve and get into the swing of it all.  For those that have never been involved in this, we try to put you all into teams in OBH or if we don’t have enough players your child becomes a ‘pool player’ and gets slotted into another team for the summer.

The days usually start from 10 and some last until lunch but the majority can go on until 4.  Everyone takes a picnic and joins together or they use the burger vans that are normally there.  Cowdray is where the Championships are held and is a great few days where the members all get to compete and socialise together, most people camp.

If you are interested, please do get in touch asap so I can get teams sorted, but if you are committing please understand that you do need to be able to fully commit to all the qualifiers and Cowdray.  If you can’t commit for the the qualifiers and Cowdray, we can always look at slotting a team into one of the friendlies.

For those that are interested please can I have the following:
Age on 1st Jan 2022
PC membership number
Pony details (remember depending on age/section, polo ponies are always available to rent)

For more information please contact Jessica Copcutt.