Tuesday May 30, 2023
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13.2 New Forest mare for loan

 Tilly is a gentle old pony looking for a regular rider. In her prime she was jumping 80 cms, but I think now her real skills will be from poles and learning to jump or as a second pony up to 50-60, and as a rosette machine at pony club shows! She jumps beautifully XC , everything from ditches to water jumps, and can do a lovely accurate dressage test. She would be perfect for someone who has slightly lost their nerve as she is very calm and quiet to ride.  She has been the most fantastic all round pony club pony and finds retirement dull. She is well known in OBHPC. She is very good to hack alone and in company, and is good in traffic, to clip, plait and travels happily in a lorry or trailer. She is available now and for the summer to ride from Stainswick Manor, SN6 8LB. She could have stay overs before a show etc and would love to do camp! She could be a lead rein pony for a larger beginner rider or someone with neurological or physical differences.She is shod, vaccinated and in good general health, but needs to be got fit in time for the summer if she is to go to camp.

For more details please ring

Joanna Lambert 07990898175


14.2 Welsh Section D Gelding for loan

Winston is finding life in a field very dull. He is presently unfit  but well, sound, shod and vaccinated and looking for a loan rider for the summer- to be ridden from and kept at Stainswick Manor, SN6 8LB – except for occasional sleep overs!

Once the relationship with Winston is established he is a fantastic all round pony club pony, that is good to hack alone and in company. At first he will be slightly cold backed and nervous, but will hopefully become a very best friend. He is well known in OBHPC. He is a very capable competition pony, but can also have a really good run out if the rider is ambivalent on jumping a fence or not! He is a fabulous hunting pony, but will only hunt if got properly fit. He would be very happy as a mother/child loan, but needs to remain here at Stainswick as he is a valuable field companion.

For more details please contact

 Joanna Lambert 07990898275



FOR SALE 13.2hh, Bay Mare, 12 years old

Ellie has given my daughters a lot of fun and can turn her hand to anything. Now sadly outgrown, she has done Pony Club (including camp), NSEA, show jumping up to 90cm, fun rides, cross country, dressage and hunting. Can be steady when needed and equally be quick in a jump off. Easy to do in every way. Whilst she can turn her hoof to most things she would be perfectly suited as a second/third pony for a competitive child.

£7750 including bridle and rugs. New Albion jump saddle available separately https://www.horsequest.co.uk/advertisment/308897









Looking for a loan home whilst daughter at University.

Monkey – full name ‘Monks View’  He is a 16.3hh ex-racehorse (last raced in 2019).  He is 10 (birthday 12.05.2013).  He’s a very loveable horse and is fully rehabilitated after a kissing spine operation four years ago.  He has been signed off by the physio and osteopath.  He is super easy on the ground and follows you around like a puppy!  He has never kicked or bitten, is good for the dentist, farrier, turnout and catch, enjoys a bath, groom and plait.  He is easy to worm, clip and tack up, but he’s not overly fond of having his mane pulled and is a little sensitive when touching around his poll area (so he has a bridle that takes the pressure off his poll). He is clean in the stable on shavings or straw and is not a fussy eater – he is currently on a topspec diet.  He has a full wardrobe of rugs, but generally doesn’t need rugging up too much as he is a hot horse.  He struggles with flies on a hot day – so wears a fly rug for his comfort in the field on a really hot day.  He is very easy to ride, light in the hand as forward going or as slow as you want him.  He responds to the lightest of aids (will move off if knee is opened and closed knee = stop/slow).  He has always been ridden in a snaffle – hunting, jumping, dressage, gallops and flatwork.  Great to hack alone and in company – never spooky and has great brakes – you can stop him from gallop straight to walk or even stop in an open field!  Canters in front or behind – really bold (walks over bridges, through rivers, marsh land, woodland, overgrown bridles etc).  Not at all bothered by any farm machinery or traffic.  He loves to go, but will also happily walk on the buckle.  He is very willing, quick learning and a friendly, soppy horse. A real gentleman!

His only main vice is that he is temperamental when it comes to loading.  Sometimes he walks on happily without a second glance, other times, he decides to dig his heels in and refuses.  He hasn’t been out in the last 6 months as his loaner has just ridden him from the yard he is on, so he may well have forgotten that he liked to play up when going out!  He does also get affected by midges (shakes his head up and down) in summer, but a dollop of Vaseline in both nostrils helps.

He comes with a full wardrobe (tack, saddle pads, rugs etc). Registered with the ROR and has a red Wetherbys passport.

He is currently based in East Hanney for at least another month, and after that, will come back home to Wallingford (South Oxfordshire).


Please contact 

Sarah Venners  sarah@venners.org.uk

t: 01491 835438              m: 07922 087671    



13.1, piebald mare 17yrs.

Flicker is the ultimate confidence giving pc pony who has done everything from pony racing to polo and always with a smile on her face!

Very easy to do in all the usual ways; clip, catch, load, shoe etc. Happily lives in or out.

We bought flicker just over a year ago to give my then 11 year old confidence competing – sadly for us Flicker has done this far too well! My younger daughter is not keen enough to justify keeping her with no job to do so we feel it’s only fair on Flicks that we find her a new family to love and have fun adventures with.

Slow, steady and sure footed – will jump anything from a trot if that’s what the rider wants to do! Currently out competing at 70. Awesome hunting pony, although we’ve not had the chance to do this with her ourselves. Excellent in the busiest of traffic and the biggest of spaces alone and in company. Lots of references available and many OBH families who would love to keep in touch with darling Flicker!

£5500 inc all tack and rugs.

Please contact Jennifer Mahon  07903515233  or email:  jennifermahon@hotmail.co.uk