Sunday May 26, 2019
Disciplines and Teams

We have lots of opportunities for riders, and non riders, of every level to get involved in a variety of team activities both throughout the year and at the prestigious annual “Area 9” competition for each discipline.

Teams 2018

PC SJ Eligibility 2018

PC Dressage Eligibility 2018

PC Eventing Eligibility 2018

Team members are expected to be active Pony Club members all year.  Potential team members should do a minimum of 3 rallies by 1st June, one of which must be specific to the relevant discipline and in the current year, on the relevant horse or pony. eg. to be considered for both SJ and Eventing teams you should do a SJ rally and an Eventing rally.

The rally can be with any of our team coaches; it need not be the one coaching your level at the Areas.

The combination should also be competing at the relevant level.

A long list for Dressage, SJ and Eventing will be drawn up on 1st May 2018 with all eligible members. The final squads will be announced in the 2nd week of June to take half term results into consideration.

All members of the final squads will be expected to attend team training, dates for which will be available from 1st May, and should assume they will be competing at the Area competition and potentially qualifying for the relevant Championships.

NEW FOR 2018: All horses / ponies must have an up to date vaccination certificate to compete at Area Competitions and the Championships. Passports will be checked during training rallies.

All ages are taken as of 1st January.

If you think your child might want to be involved in any of these teams please get in touch with the discipline managers to find out more and put their name on the list for consideration. A selection panel (made up of the discipline manager as well as James Gardiner, Fiona Dowding and Joy Wilson) ensures that each child fulfils the criteria and is capable of competing at that level, before selecting teams.

We expect all of our team members to be prepared to work as a team, attending practice sessions and supporting each other on the day, and it is a considerable commitment for both the children and the parents. Training sessions are subsidised but members pay their own entry fees.

Use the tabs on the left for more information on each discipline.

2017 Team results

Blenheim Eventers Challenge

Jack Whiteford, Ella Charles, Lottie Aird and Shannon Lewis are our team competing in the PC100 Eventers Challenge

1m Gatcombe SJ

3rd Estelle Stables, Niamh Warburton, Gorgia Lisi and Madeleine Plumb.


Championships Horse & Pony Care


Team 3rd: Scarlett Starkey, Jessie Saunders, Ophelia Spracklen


Team 1st: Alicia Lee, Sophie Oakland, Eleanor Hubbard

Outstanding Achievement Award:

Alicia Lee

Regional Dressage Championships


1st: Tara, Olivia, Olive, Scarlett


1st Tara Lockhart

6th Olivia Ashfield

7th Lara Marsh

8th Scarlett Starkey

Open Dressage


1st Jack Whiteford

8th Miranda Hobby

Open Dressage Final Ride off

2nd Jack Whiteford

Elite Dressage:

8th Niamh Warburton

Regional Eventing Areas:


1st Olivia

1st Tara Lockhart

1st Scarlett Starkey

1st Annie Miners

Regional Eventing Championships:


1st Scarlett Starkey

2nd Lara Marsh

7th Mia Elvin

8th Olive Nichols

Novice Eventing


7th Chiara Heneghan, Erin Forsyth, Esme Powell, Zoe Martin


5th Zoe Martin

9th Jessie Saunders

Open Eventing


1st Mixed Area 9 Team: Honor McFarlane, Henry Hobby


1st Saffie Osbourne

6th Honor McFarlane

6th Henry Hobby


Open Showjumping:

Team 9th: Estelle Stables, Honor McFarlane, Miranda Hobby, Sasha Hargreaves

Elite SJ:

3rd Sasha Hargreaves

2016 Team results


Congratulations to our team of Chiara, Flora, Max and Niamh who represented us in the 100cm Pony Club Eventer Challenge at Blenheim and came second only being beaten by one second! Well done.


A fantastic weekend at the Championships. Many congratulations  to the 26 Members who qualified and represented the Branch at the Championships  – of those 20 went home with a rosette which is a huge achievement for them each individually and for the OBH as a Branch.

Novice – Individual 6th – Henry Insley
Intermediate – Individual 4th – Henry Hobby
Intermediate – Team 6th – Henry Hobby, Niamh Warburton, Sasha Hargreaves, Honor McFarlane
Highly Commended Intermediate for Horsmanship – Georgina Herrling
Open – Individual 2nd – Saffie Osbourne
The Open Horsmanship Scholarship – Saffie Osbourne

Intermediate – Individual 3rd – Estelle Stables
Intermediate – Team 6th – Luisa Lisi, Estelle Stables, Honor McFarlane, Niamh Warburton

Novice – Individual 3rd – Izzie Miners
Intermediate – Individual 10th – Verity Smith
Open – Team 1st – Max Warburton, Sasha Hargreaves, Siobhan Heneghan, Jack Whiteford
Open – Individual 1st – Max Warburton
Open – Individual 2nd – Sasha Hargreaves
Open – Individual 10th – Siobhan Henghan
Open Ride-Off – 2nd Max Warburton, 7th Sasha Hargreaves

Horse + Pony Care
Junior – Team 3rd
Senior – Team 2nd


OBH had 3 qualifiers this year to compete at the National Championships at Bishop Burton College, Beverley. John and Jack Church in the Open Boys and Lexie New in the Junior Girls, a qualifier in her first year at Junior. Lexie had a super competition, matching her swimming PB and going clear cross country to finish 41st out of the 103 Junior Girl qualifiers. Jack and John also had a great competition, with Jack finishing 13th after a 6th-placed swim and a clear round cross-country. He pipped his brother to 14th, after John had an uncharacteristic fall between fences, but remounted to successfully finish the course. Congratulations to all three.


A fantastic day for our Branch again.  In the Junior competition the Navy team came first – Archie B, Izzie, Lucy H and Esme and the Blue team came second – Fenella, Courtney, Freya W and Freya Soden.  With individual placings in Section A for Esme (1st) Courtney (4th) Fenella (5th) and in Section B Izzie (2nd) Jesse (4th) Freya W(5th) and Lucy H(7th). In the Mini section the Blue team came first – Ella C, Mia, Olivia M and Bella and the White team came 6th – Lottie W, Annie, Rex and Charleigh.  Individual placings in Section E Ella(4th) Bea(6th) and in Section F Mia (3rd) Annie (4th) and Zoe (6th)

In the Open Individual Caspar came 3rd

Well done to all of you.