Wednesday September 23, 2020
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Disciplines and Teams

We have lots of opportunities for riders, and non riders, of every level to get involved in a variety of team activities both throughout the year and at the prestigious annual “Area 9” competition for each discipline.



Regional Championships (80cm SJ and Eventing, Regional Dressage) is Saturday 24th – Monday 26th August at Rectory Farm, Gloucestershire.

All Summer Camps, Area Competitions, Team SJ competitions Regional Championships and the main Championships will require your horse/pony to have been vaccinated in the last 6 months.

What to wear for Team Competitions

Some Area competitions have a Tack and Turnout competition, all have a tack check. Please ensure tack is in good condition and fits correctly.

Horses and ponies should be plaited for Area competitions. 

All Regional and Novice (90cm) competitors:

Ideally: Tweed jacket, beige jodhpurs with brown boots and chaps 
PC tie or coloured stock.  If you do not have brown boots and chaps it is fine to wear tweeed with black boots and chaps.
Hair in hairnet, long hair in bun with PC, navy, brown or black scrunchie.
No jewellery
No coloured brow bands/tack
Ideally white OBHPC numnah but any non-branded white numnah is fine

Intermediate and Open:
As above OR black/navy jacket, white jods/breeches and black chaps and boots
PC Tie or White stock
Hair in hairnet, long hair in bun with PC, navy, brown or black scrunchie.
No jewellery
No coloured brow bands/tack
Ideally white OBHPC numnah but any non-branded white numnah is fine

Long sleeved navy OBHPC top, body protector.  Hat without a fixed peak
PC Tie or Stock with no pin (stock compulsory for those jumping 80cm and above XC)

We have OBHPC hat silks and stocks available to buy (£10) or borrow if you don’t have your own.

Teams 2020

The long list is here: 

It is in alphabetical order within levels with a “yes” under the discipline you have been selected for. If you have a * by your name you are on the list twice, at different levels for different disciplines, so please check both entries. 

Not on the list? If you think your child should be on the list please email Our team managers keep lists all year of all those that have expressed interest but it is easy to inadvertently miss someone off. We have an inclusive policy; anyone that has been to 3 rallies since last July and is competing at the relevant level is eligible for the long list.

On the list but not now available? Please email and the discipline manager.

To confirm your place:

If you are on the long list we’d like you to compete for the branch as an Individual or Team member. Please send payment for the entry fees to OBHPC account 21314106 sort code 40-45-36 with your child’s name and DR/SJ/EV as applicable as the reference. In the very unlikely event of balloting your entry will be refunded in full.

Eventing – Novice/Intermediate/Open  £76 including start fee

Eventing – Regional 70/80cm £50 (exact fee TBC. Any under/over payment will be charged/refunded on the day)

Show Jumping – Regional 80cm/Novice/Intermediate/Open £25 

Show Jumping – 70cm £15

Dressage – all levels £22

Please email to confirm the following as soon as possible. This will confirm your place.

  • Amount paid
  • Horse / rider will be eligible for the level proposed (see eligibility rules below)
  • Horse / pony will have been vaccinated within the 6 months before the Areas and Championships.
  • Horse / pony name if not correct on list
  • Availability for Regional or Main Championships if not already specified on list (please note, this will not exclude you from teams, however we need to ensure we have enough available members are on each team, to allow other to be substituted).
  • Special requests – eg. if horse will only run if the ground isn’t hard.

Final teams and Individuals will be confirmed early in July and will be decided based on competition results and progress in training.

PC Show Jumping Eligibility Rules 2019

PC Dressage 2019 Eligibility Rules

PC Eventing 2019 Eligibility Rules


General Information on Teams 

Team members are expected to be active Pony Club members all year.  Potential team members should do a minimum of 3 rallies by 31st June, one of which must be specific to the relevant discipline and in the current year, on the relevant horse or pony. eg. to be considered for both SJ and Eventing teams you should do a SJ rally and an Eventing rally.

The rally can be with any of our team coaches; it need not be the one coaching your level at the Areas.

The combination should also be competing at the relevant level.

A long list for Dressage, SJ and Eventing will be drawn up on 11th June 2019 with all eligible members. The final squads will be announced in early July.

All long listed members will be expected to attend team training and should assume they will be competing at the Area competition and potentially qualifying for the relevant Championships.

All horses / ponies must have an up to date vaccination certificate to compete at Area Competitions and the Championships, with the last vaccine within the past 6 months. Passports will be checked at the competitions.

All ages are taken as of 1st January.

If you think your child might want to be involved in any of these teams please get in touch with the discipline managers to find out more and put their name on the list for consideration. A selection panel ensures that each child fulfils the criteria and is capable of competing at that level, before selecting teams.

We expect all of our team members to be prepared to work as a team, attending practice sessions and supporting each other on the day, and it is a considerable commitment for both the children and the parents. Training sessions are subsidised but members pay their own entry fees.

Use the tabs on the left for more information on each discipline.