Saturday September 21, 2019
Horse and Pony Care

Horse and Pony Care

Horse and Pony Care is an important part Pony Club, and forms a part of most rallies throughout the year.

The Horse and Pony Care Junior and Senior teams have qualified for the Championships for the past 16 years and the senior team are the current national champions. New for 2019 is the Mini competition for members aged 10 yrs and under, including one member 8 yrs and under (all ages as at 1st Jan).

If you would like to be considered for one of the teams, contact Alicia Lee and come to rallies through the year, learn as much as you can, and impress us. Team selection takes place at the end of January; there are regular team training sessions through February and March – these sessions are taken seriously, but are fun, too.

No riding involved.

Area 9 Competition takes place in the Easter holidays.

Championships in August at Cholmondley Castle, Cheshire.

Minis 10 and under, including one 8 and under

Juniors 13 and under, including one 11 and under
Seniors 14 – 25 years, including one 16 and under, and no more than one aged 21-25

A bit more about the Horse and Pony Care competition:

This competition is a great opportunity for those members who really enjoy looking after their horses and ponies and challenging their curiosity about all things equine.

The Competition is dismounted, and entirely practical in nature. It usually takes place at a venue with ten or so empty loose boxes, and each loose box is devoted to a separate subject – feeding, bandaging, colours and markings, tack care, etc. Each team spends about 8 or 10 minutes in each box, tackling questions or performing practical tasks on that particular subject. When time is up, a whistle blows, and all the teams move along to the next box until all the teams have been into all the boxes (which takes about an hour and a half).

The standard for the Minis is E and D tests, and the easier parts of the D+ test; for Juniors it is up to C test, and for the Seniors it is broadly C+/B/AH.

The winners qualify for the Championships in August, where the sponsors are the Blue Cross.

Above all, it is friendly and fun – ask anyone who has taken part before, and they will all tell you that they enjoyed themselves, and the examiners don’t bite!



Our Junior and Senior Horse and Pony Care teams have had another successful year, both winning at the Area 9 competition and qualifying for the National Championships in August. Our Minis came third at the Area competition in April, collecting a huge rosette and an Easter egg each.

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