Wednesday August 12, 2020
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Mounted Games

If you were born on or after 1/1/06 you could be in a Junior or Novice Mounted Games team representing the OBHPC at the Area Trials 0n Sunday April

We have several training rallies already planned ( usually Friday’s and occasional Sunday’s at Lyford) where you can learn the games and have fun with your pony.

Mounted Games is really good for increasing your general riding skills and your confidence.

Please come along and have fun!!

To all OBH PC members born between 1/1/02-31/12/05
You could be in a Senior Mounted Games Team!!!!
The area trials in on Sunday 29 April and we would really like to send a senior team. There will also be a “friendly” taster competition during half term.
So far we have rallies arranged at Lyford Stud on Friday evenings and occasional Sunday’s please see the website
They are fun and informal rallies, and mounted Games really improves your riding for other disciplines. Your confidence and partnership with your horse/pony will improve, you will develop an independent seat, and have a chance of representing our branch at Area trials and maybe beyond at Zones or even the Championships!!!
The junior team are learning fast, but I would like them to stay as Juniors this year.
Join up join up!

On Sunday 18th February  6 of the Mounted Games Squad competed at Onley in a friendly competition.
Juno and Shannon joined 3 boys from the Cotswold Vale Farmers and were 3rd overall. They both did brilliantly well and made 3 new friends.
Our Juniors, Daisy, Charleigh, Chloe and Patrick were the best example of team spirit that I have ever witnessed. Chloe’s pony Ash got very wound up, so rather than let a team mate get worried, Charleigh swapped ponies, so Chloe rode the wonderful Kimi all day. We had hoped Sooty, Patrick’s pony, would absorb a bit of the extra excitement but it was not to be!! Patrick was so gutsy, kicking away to the encouragement of all. The team really supported each other. Charleigh and Daisy’s skills were incredible, but better than that was their support to their friends – thank you – I was very very proud of all 4 of you. Joanna











Want to get involved in mounted games? Contact Joanna Lambert and join in the regular training sessions.

Juniors under 11.
Seniors aged 11-15.