Monday May 29, 2023
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Show Jumping


If you are interested in Show Jumping then Pony Club is the place to be!  Most of our PC rally’s include jumping so you have a great opportunity to see if you like it and learn how to do it.  Starting over Cross poles and poles on the ground and over the month’s and years moving up to jumping around courses and then competing.  For any Show Jumping queries your contact is:

Claire Lisi

Tel: 07880 622177



There are so many competitions throughout the year you will not know where to start – many of them are on



If you have started to compete then we would love you to represent us at the PC Area SJ Competition.  Show Jumping Team Manager for 2023 will be:


The rules are here – please read them carefully to check eligibility:

  • Potential team members should do a minimum of 3 rallies by 30th June 2023, some of which must be specific to the relevant discipline and in the current year, on the relevant horse or pony. eg. to be considered for both SJ and Eventing teams you should do a SJ rally and an Eventing rally. 
  • The rally can be with any of our team coaches; it need not be the one coaching your level at the Areas. 
  • All members of the final squads will be expected to attend team training, dates for which will be available from 1st May, and should assume they will be competing at the Area competition and potentially qualifying for the relevant Championships.
  • All horses / ponies must have an up to date vaccination certificate (please check with your vet if not sure) to compete at Area Competitions and the Championships. Passports will be checked during training rallies. 

Please remember to check the  Criteria for Team Selection 2023

If you are keen to be considered, please complete the attached results form as you go and send to Lisa Powell – Good Luck!



Key Area Show Jumping Date:

June 4th – Area 9 Show Jumping (70-110cms) – Rectory Farm, GL7 7JW