Monday May 29, 2023
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Tet OBH Team

Getting involved in Tetrathlon

Fred Church is our Tetrathlon Manager – 07778 768931 and is supported by Jill Church

Emma Huepfl  –  is very happy to help at competitions that she is attending – 07798 601241 and help if she can!

For competition calendar please follow this link:

We have a very active, welcoming and successful tetrathlon and triathlon squad spanning all ages from Under 8 to Seniors and it is known to be a particularly sociable sport for our members. Competitions consist of Riding (Cross Country), Swimming, Running and Shooting (or beanbag throwing if under 8 years)

Fred runs regular shooting practice sessions and is always happy to hear from anyone wanting to give tetrathlon a go or receive schedules.

There are numerous triathlons (run, swim and shoot / throw beanbags) throughout the year, with tetrathlon as soon as the ground is dry enough (and some with Arena jumping during the winter).




Individuals and teams of 3 or 4 can be entered for the Area Tetrathlon, with the best 3 scores in each team
to count. The winning team in each class will qualify for the Championships. There are
separate teams in each class (age group) for boys and girls and also mixed gender teams in
each class (no more than 2 of each gender).
Teams will be selected based on results from past competitions.


The Winter Triathlon Championships is a competition for individuals; however, the Area 9
Tetrathlon Coordinator (Fred Church) will select 3, Area 9 mixed teams (girls and boys from
any class) for the Championships from the Area 9 individuals who have qualified. Selection

will be based on results from their qualifying competition.


Tetrathletes from Area 9 are eligible to be selected for the Central England Region at the
Junior and Senior Regional Tetrathlon Championships. The Central England team manager
(Fred Church) will select individuals from Areas 7, 9 and 12 based on recommendations from
their Branch Tetrathlon Managers and previous results.



Triathlon is a competition doing only 3 of these activities.
Shooting with air pistol. Practices every second Thursday evening at Little Coxwell.
Running: 1000 metres upward, depending on age.
Swimming: as far as you can in 2, 3 or 4 minutes, depending on age.
Riding: includes a gate to open and close and a slip rail.


Some of you will be familiar with this!  Over the winter months, Area 9 (ie Fred) runs a shooting competition, with 2 targets shot each month between Nov – Feb and returned to me for scoring by post.  Obviously, we have the luxury of not having to post them!

The competition is usually shot at Branch/Centre shooting practices, but can be shot at home if necessary.  Turning or static targets can be used.

Branch teams can be made from any 3 or 4 members from same Branch, irrespective of gender or age/Class.  The best 3 overall scores in the Team will count. There will be rosettes for top 10 teams and top 6 individuals in each class.

 If you shoot 1,000 in any month, you will get a gun case sticker.

Let Fred Church   know if you want to join in.  And get together and form some teams!