Monday September 23, 2019
Instructors and Volunteers

Pony Club would not exist without an enthusiastic team of volunteers and instructors, and in the OBH we are particularly lucky with the resources and skills available.



Our Instructors are all 1st Aid trained, they are DBS checked and required to attend a child protection course and regular professional development courses before they can instruct. We also have a number of Coaches to run unmounted training sessions and supervised mounted sessions.

If you would like to be considered for teaching at this Branch and are not already registered with another Pony Club, please see the Coach and Instructor Requirements and contact our Coach Co-ordinator Ros Hayward  or Instructor administrator Joy Wilson


Please feel free to contact any of these instructors to arrange private lessons.

Qualified OBHPC Pony Club Instructors

  • Jo Burnage – 07710 224008  ~ Fully qualified and experienced, available for private tuition 7 days a week. Will travel. Specialises in building confidence with nervous, young or tricky horses/ponies and encouraging inexperienced riders to achieve results in every discipline.
  • Nick Campbell  – SJ specialist instructor. Also eventing. Particularly suitable for the older members.
  • Sarah Charles – 07748 846995 ~ Very popular with the younger members. Teaches all disciplines and levels. Very good XC.
  • Debbie Coates – 07867 518148 ~ Very patient with minis and juniors up to D+ level.
  • Eleanor Martin – 07793 007856 ~ Teaches all ages and particularly good with younger members.
  • Fi Dowding – o7778 310881 ~ Chief Instructor for Senior Camp 2016. Teaches all disciplines including the popular Yummy Mummy sessions.
  • Hannah Goddard – 07725 733443 ~ Based at Wickstead but happy to travel. Teaches all disciplines particularly XC.
  • Caroline Keen – 07768 038606 ~ Has taught Pony Club for over 20 years. Huge amount of experience with performance horses especially eventers and show jumpers and has show jumped to international level. Considers flat work to be the key and basis for every discipline with gymnastic jumping work following a close second!
  • Ginny Halliwell – 07732 369334 ~ Teaches all disciplines and coaches the junior SJ team. Particularly enthusiastic with younger members.
  • Tussel Humphrey – 07975 986270 ~ Specialist in Test preparation, Riding + Road Safety and stable management.
  • Sue Jannaway – Based at North Farm Stud, Fawley, and used only for rallies based there for younger members.
  • Joanna Lambert– 07990898175 – Mounted Games and Easy Peasey SJ
  • Gorgia Lisi – Gorgia is incredibly patient, enthusiastic, energetic and FUN, all attributes that make her particularly popular with our younger members.
  • Nick Lucey – Currently competing regularly BE. Based near Burford but happy to travel.
  • Shaun Mandy –  07780 654703 Dressage – says he prefers teaching the older more competent members but has been seen teaching fun flatwork with juniors armed with plastic swords! Ideally one on one or groups of up to three.
  • Aaron Nobbs – 07887 524993 ~ Specialist show jumping instructor and OBHPC team coach. Will travel, or teaches in his outdoor school in Radcot, near Clanfield.
  • Sarah Pettit – 07976 326648~ HND in equine studies, teaches all aspects of riding and stable management primarily to D, D+ and C test level. XC, SJ, flatwork, handy pony,  games. Based at Lyford Stud and happy to travel.
  • Bert Scalisi07714 616476 ~ Eventing specialist and particularly popular with our eventers of all ages. Based with Spencer Sturmey to the north of our area near Lynham.
  • Carol Starkey – 07831 165373 ~ Based at Lyford Stud but happy to travel. Low pressure SJ, flatwork and mini / junior XC.
  • Zoe Wilkinson – Eventing instructor, teaches at Camp. Based in Worcester so camps and clinics only.


obhpc coaches at hartpury

OBHPC Coaches

Our Stage 1 and 2 coaches are insured to instruct at pony club rallies and camps under the supervision of a qualified instructor. They can teach groups up to D+ level as long as they are within the sight and sound of instructors and are paid expenses (£10 for up to 4 hours, £20 for 4+ hours) or work on a voluntary basis in order to build up experience.

Stage 3 coaches who are aged 18+ are assessed by Ros Hayward before being passed for teaching independently. They still have regular reviews with a mentor but do not need to be supervised while teaching. When teaching unsupervised they are paid half the rate of a fully qualified instructor (£15 / hour or £60 / day for camp). At other times they are paid at the usual coach rate. Once they have built up experience and have completed their 1st Aid, DBS and Child Protection courses their rates can increase to that of a regular instructor. Coaches are encouraged to complete their PC Coaching Certificate and Level 2 Coaching Certificate at this stage.

Junior Coaches (fully qualified to teach unsupervised)

Alicia Lee – 07733 264065 Stage 1,2,3 Coach; flatwork and jumping. Senior Camp Stable Manager 2016 and 2017.

Based near Wantage, hunts frequently, trained with a grand prix dressage rider for 20 weeks during 2015. Competes BE to Novice level, also dressage and show jumping. Holds B Test and lunge test.

Jake Jennings – 07964394371 Stage 1,2,3 Coach; flatwork and jumping. Instructor Camps 2016 and 2017. Senior Camp Stable Manager 2017.

Based in Long Wittenham. B test, Hunting Badge, BHS riding and road safety. Enjoys dressage, SJ, eventing, hunting and likes teaching all ages from minis to adults. H+P Care Teams. Holds B Test and lunge test. Jake is currently studying at University so although away term times, he has longer holidays.

Jack Church – 01367 870256 or 07917 869135 Stage 1,2,3 Coach; flatwork and jumping. Instructor Camps 2016 and 2017. Senior Camp Stable Manager 2016 and 2017.

Lives in Buckland, near Faringdon, holds B Test and main interests are Tetrathlon and Eventing but enjoys other disciplines. Competed at the Novice Eventing Championships in 2014 and Intermediate Tetrathlon Championships in 2014 and 2015, Open tetrathlon 2016 and 2017. At University during term time.

*Abi Richardson – 07585 034644 Stage 1 and 2 Coach; flatwork and SJ. Senior Camp Stable Manager 2016

Abi is really flexible and able to help out at all kinds of rallies. She is particularly experienced in horsemanship, dressage and drills rides and has been in the PC teams for these; however is happy to help out in all pony club activities including camps. She especially enjoys working with the younger members of our Pony Club.

Trainee Coaches Stage 2 (can teach flatwork and jumping under supervision of a qualified coach)

*Gemma Coffey – 07879 773661 Stage 1,2 Coach; flatwork and showjumping. Senior Camp Stable Manager 2016 and 2017.

Gemma has been a member of the Pony Club for a number of years. She is passionate about jumping in particular, however has also done a lot of dressage in the last year with her youngster. She teaches occasionally at a riding school and is keen to do more with PC. She is currently studying teaching at University so although away term times, she has longer holidays. Based in Chiseldon, and can drive.
Flora Insley – 07714 100419 Stage 1 and 2 Coach; flatwork and SJ.

Hannah Richardson – 07770644445 Stage 1 Coach (2018); flatwork

Hannah lives in Boars Hill, doesn’t drive but will try to get to any rallies she is needed at. Senior Camp stable manager 2018 and 2019. Member of the Horse & Pony Care team for several years.

Honor McFarlane – 07825 352531 Stage 1 and 2 Coach (2018); flatwork and jumping. Driver.

Luisa Lisi – 07789 364391 Stage 1  and 2 Coach (2018); flatwork and jumping. Driver.

Jack Whiteford – 07774318694. Stage 1 and 2 Coach; flatwork and SJ. Senior Camp Stable Manager 2016 and 2017.

Jack represented OBH at championship level for polo (twice)and novice eventing being placed as an individual. Competed at area trials intermediate level for dressage, show jumping and eventing. Also a keen and very regular hunting member. Lives in Little Coxwell, Faringdon but is a non driver! Holds B Test. Stage 1 Coach; flatwork.

Sasha  Hargreaves – 07817 176111 Stage 1 and 2 Coach; flatwork and SJ. Senior Camp Stable Manager 2016 and 2017.

Sasha lives in Wantage and her main interests are Eventing, Dressage and Hunting. She holds her B Test and was a member of the Horse & Pony Care team for several years and qualified for the dressage, SJ and eventing Championships in 2015. She enjoys all areas of coaching including test preparation.


 Trainee Coaches Stage 1 (can teach flatwork and jumping under supervision of a qualified coach)

Chloe Barlow – Stage 1 Coach (2017); flatwork

Chloe Head – Stage 1 Coach (2018); flatwork

Ella Dixon – Stage 1 Coach (2018); flatwork

*Jules Farrant – 07500 114624  Stage 1 Coach; flatwork.

Jules has been an Old Berks member for 6 years and enjoys all aspects of pony club life especially SJ and Eventing. Has previously hunted with OBH. Holds C+ Test and working towards B. Based near Abingdon/Oxford. Holds BHS Road Rider Test.

*Sophie Gordon  – 07876 030935 Stage 1 Coach; flatwork.

Sophie particularly loves SJ and eventing but has been a team member at Area dressage, SJ and eventing. She completed her C+ test 2 years ago and is working towards her B test this summer. She’s participated in a great variety of PC activities, from horseball to drill riding and hunting, and is eager to help at any rally. Based near Oxford and can drive.

Shannon Lewis – 07534873344 Stage 1 Coach; flatwork. Senior Camp Stable Manager 2017.

Has been an Old Berks member for 10 years and enjoys all aspects of pony club life especially SJ, Eventing & Dressage. Holds B Test. Based near Wantage. H+P Care Teams. At University during term time.

Siobham Heneghan – Stage 1 Coach (2018); flatwork

Verity Smith – Stage 1 Coach (2018); flatwork


*Subject to B Test



We are always looking for help, whether it is organising the hunter trial, finding space in a barn for show jumps, doing the commentary at the show or doing the squash run at camp, there really is something for everyone and no excuse not to be able to get involved and help run your club to run smoothly.

With the exception of our instructors, everyone involved in running the OBHPC is a volunteer, including our DCs, treasurer, secretary and committee, so please help out where you can.

We would love to hear from anyone who would like to help and we pay for 1st Aid training for anyone committing to a reasonable number of hours assisting at rallies or running any of the camps.


Paperwork Requirements for Volunteers and Coaches

It is important to us, and indeed a legal requirement, for our instructors, coaches and volunteers to be properly regulated and trained to ensure that our members can learn in a safe environment.

Current requirements:

For help in completing the forms or finding suitable course please contact our instructor administrator, Joy Wilson


Branch Committee

Rachel Matheson – President until 31st December 2021

Alison Hargreaves – District Commissioner until 31st December 2021

Lisa Smith – Assistant DC, Rally Co-ordinator and Dressage until 31st December 2021

Joanna Lambert – Assistant DC, Senior Camps and Tests for C+ upwards until 31st December 2021

Joy Wilson – Secretary until 31st December 2020

Tor Perring – Treasurer until 31st December 2020

Ros Hayward – Instructors Coordinator until 31st December 2020

Tussel Humphrey – Rally Representative + Health and Safety Officer until 31st December 2019

Clare Lisi – Child Protection + Health and Safety Officer until 31st December 2019

Alicia Lee – Member Representative until 31st December 2021