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At the Old Berkshire Hunt Pony Club (OBHPC) we pride ourselves on being friendly and inclusive.

We have around 300 members, the majority coming from the areas around Abingdon, Didcot, Wantage, Faringdon, Witney and Lambourn. The club is run by an active committee made up entirely of volunteers.

The core activity of the OBHPC is mounted rallies which take place throughout the area during the school holidays, weekends and evenings. These rallies are generally group lessons taught by an experienced Coach covering a specific discipline with the cost divided between the group.

During the summer we hold Camps for Tiny Trotters/ Minis (under 8), Juniors (8-12) and a residential camp for Seniors (12 and over).

There are lots of opportunities for members to get involved in team competitions and represent the branch. Members are also encouraged to take part in the Achievement Badge and Pony Club test system.

The more you get involved the more you will get out of your Pony Club so sign up for rallies and encourage your parents to volunteer to help with anything from baking a cake to share at a rally to helping at Camps or one of our competitions.


We are one of the largest branches in the country and we are a very active branch therefore good communication is important.  We keep our website up to date with details of rallies, competitions and schedules for local shows as well as classified adverts if you are looking to buy or sell a pony.  The website should have the answers to any questions you have but if not, please just pick up the phone or send an email to any committee member or rally organiser who will know where to find the answer for you.

We email a monthly DC’s Newsletter on the 15th of each month with the latest news, upcoming events and a reminder of the fixtures for the coming month

Emails are used for regular communications.

Our website is and it has all the information you need on there.

Our main page is found at, which is upated by admins with news from members, events, rallies, achievements and general information. You don’t need an account to access our Facebook page but if if you sign up, or are a regular user, and like pages you will receive regular updates.

Visit facebook group OBHPC Chat, a closed group, for anyone within the branch to join and you are then free to post your news and ask questions of other members etc. You can also find out about last minute rally spaces or details of events here.

Visit facebook group OBHPC Swap & Sell if you’re looking to buy, sell or swap pony club kit, riding gear, tack, rugs etc.



Regular mounted rallies during the year covering the main disciplines such as show jumping, dressage, cross country, mounted games, polo, and tetrathlon.  In addition we organise events such as a mock hunt, beach ride, a Ridgeway ride, fancy dress rallies, and an Easter egg hunt.

We also run many dismounted rallies for horse and pony care, many of which result in an achievement badge.  In addition we have vet visits, trips to Olympia and camping trips to Badminton Horse Trials.

There really is something for everyone and every discipline aims to cater for all levels from “have a go” to team prospects so we really would encourage you to try something new.

To book a place on a rally

Find out what is coming up on the Fixtures page of the website.

To book a place on a rally, or if you would like advice on its suitability, contact the organiser listed, ideally by email.  It is important to be realistic about ability so that a place in the right group is allocated.

You can expect to hear from the rally organiser a week before the rally to confirm times, cost and directions.

Please book early to avoid disappointment.  Popular rallies fill up very fast and instructors need to be booked weeks in advance.  Many rallies have a waiting list and if there have been cancellations you may be able to get a last minute space.

If you are on a waiting list please contact the rally organiser if you have made alternative plans and need to be removed from the list; as they may be trying to arrange an extra Coach to fit you in.

Cost of rallies

The cost of rallies is divided between the participating members.  Most rallies cost from £7 to £15 although cross country rallies generally cost more owing to hire of the XC course.  Rallies are usually in small groups with an experienced Coach and are very good value.  Sometimes a rally may be available at a lower cost with a proven but less experienced Pony Club Coach – often a good approach for tiny trotters, mini and junior members seeking experience.

Cancelling attendance at rallies

If you need to cancel your place within 7 days of the rally for any reason you will be required to pay for the rally unless your space can be filled.  As the cost of the rally is shared between all members booked we regret this applies even in cases of illness or lameness.


Correct Dress at Rallies

Correct rally wear consists of beige jodhpurs, black or brown short boots with chaps of the same colour or knee length riding boots; shirt with Pony Club tie or PC polo shirt or PC rugby shirt; tagged hat with plain dark silk; hairnet and gloves.   Plain dark jodhpurs and short sleeved shirts with a collar are acceptable at most rallies.

Hairnets are a MUST at all camps and rallies – hair must be up and not plaited down the back or in a ponytail.

For XC Rallies – 80cm or higher

Jockey skull caps must be worn, with no fixed peak, or peak type extensions. A body protector over a long sleeved shirt and stock (without a pin) are required.

Correct dress for Tests (D+ and above) and Competitions

As a general rule, correct dress for under-14s is beige jodhpurs, long sleeved white shirt with Pony Club tie, tweed jacket, short brown boots and matching half chaps, black or navy hat silk and gloves.

Older members may wear dark jackets with black boots in place of tweed and brown boots.

Gloves must be worn for dressage; these can be dark or white.

A stock should be worn for XC over 80cm, and may be worn by older members for all disciplines in place of a PC tie.

Correct dress for ponies

Ponies should be clean and tidy, but we understand the challenges of ponies that live out, particularly in the winter!  We do not encourage washing of grass-kept ponies in the winter months.

Tack should be clean, well maintained and well fitted.

For D+ test and upwards, and for PC competitions ponies should always be plaited.


You are required to wear a HAT at all times whilst handling your pony at Pony Club rallies, camps and competitions.  GLOVES must be worn for loading/unloading and leading.


Hat Rule 2023

It is mandatory for all Members to wear a Pony Club approved hat at all times when mounted. The chinstrap should be fastened and adjusted so as to prevent movement of the hat in the event of a fall.

It is your responsibility to have your hat checked and tagged before attending any rallies so that the rally organiser knows that it is of the correct standard.  The acceptable standards are updated regularly and published both on the Pony Club and Branch websites.   The aquamarine hat tags are the current standard. Hats can be tagged by either PC, Riding Clubs or BE, you won’t need separate tags for each. 

The people who are designated to tag and check your hats are:-

Claire Lisi – 07880 622177
Lisa Smith – 07779 354442
Katherine Taylor – 07831 815512
Joy Wilson – 07811 927803

Hoodies are not allowed at Pony Club when riding.

Head cams are not permitted as they may compromise the hat’s safety.

Body protectors

Body Protector Rule

It is compulsory that body protectors are worn for Cross Country riding at all levels and Pony Racing whether it be training or competing.  Body Protectors used for Cross Country and Pony Racing must meet BETA 2009 Level 3 standard (purple label) or BETA 2018 Level 3 standard (blue and black label)

If you are wearing an air jacket it should be in addition to a standard body protector.


Our Pony Club kit is stored at White Horse Feeds,  Childrey, OX12 9PN where we operate pop-up shops.  If you need something urgently then contact Emma Von Michel who would be happy to make arrangements for you to collect. 

We stock the following items for Pony Club members:

  • OBHPC polo shirts, rugby shirts and sweat shirts.
  • Pony Club jackets (available to order), which can embroidered with your child’s name.
  • OBHPC embroidered saddlecloths which are suitable for rallies and teams.
Payment for all kit is by BACS as follows:-
Account name: OBHPC
Sort:    40-45-36
Acct:    21314106
Reference: Surname of Member + Kit


We love to see the same ponies going from family to family within the branch, and Joanna Lambert, who looks after our second hand pony list, (tel 07990 898175) tends to know who is looking for a new pony or is looking for a home for an out-grown pony.  She should be the first port of call whether you are buying, selling or loaning.

Joy Wilson can add details of ponies for sale loan or wanted to the Classified page of the website, free of charge for members.  Simply email her a photo and a brief description (not a MSWord document) to


The Pony Club is a training organisation therefore members are encouraged to work towards Achievement Badges and Tests relevant to their age and current level of riding ability.

In addition to our regular rallies, we offer regular training sessions specifically geared towards each test.  There is an opportunity to take E and D Tests during Tiny Trotters/ Mini Camp and D+ during Junior Camp as well as at least one other date over the summer for these Tests and higher.

The Pony Club Test training system includes:

  • Mini Achievement Badges
  • Efficiency Tests: E, D, D+, C, C+, B, B+, AH , A
  • Road Rider Tests
  • Lunging Test
  • Hunting Certificate
  • Polo Tests

On passing each efficiency test you will be awarded a coloured felt to wear behind your pony club badge.

Details of the full range of Pony Club Tests can be downloaded from the Pony Club HQ Website


If you are not sure which test you should be aiming for next, please speak to our Test Co-Ordinators Joanna Lambert or Tussel Humprey.

If you know which test you are aiming for next and would like information on test dates and training rallies please contact the following:-

E and D Tests can be taken at Mini Camp and also at rallies specifically arranged for a particular test which will be advertised on the website

D+ Test can be taken at Junior Camp and also at rallies specifically arranged for a particular test which will be advertised on the website

C Tests and Road Rider Badge – Tussel Humphrey

C+/B/B+/AH/A and Lunge Tests – Joanna Lambert  (external training and examiners)

C+ and above require more preparation than other Tests and there is a requirement to take the Road Rider Test first. We hold assessment days so that candidates can check how far they are away from the required standard and training sessions specifically aimed at test preparation. Ideally you should be working towards your next test in every rally. There are usually dates for C+ and B, B+ and Lunge Tests late in August and again in September / October. Further it is now possible to do the horse and pony care separately from the riding sections for both of these Tests.


For our older members (aged 16+ and with C+ or B Test) there is an opportunity to learn to be a Pony Club coach. We hold full day courses where potential coaches learn the theory and practical skills required for teaching riders up to D+ level. Those that successfully complete the course gain experience by assisting experienced instructors and teaching groups while under supervision. After approximately 40 hours practical teaching experience they are assessed to check that they are capable of teaching unsupervised.

The coaching programme allows us to develop our older members into effective instructors.


Camps are held for each age group during the summer holidays. For many of our members it is the highlight of their pony club year. Parents are required to stay and help at Tiny Trotters/ Mini Camp if their child is on the lead rein, but otherwise Mini, Junior and Senior camps are a parent-free zone!

All abilities are catered for at each of the camps, and they are a great opportunity for children to get to know other riders of their age, as well other children riding at their level. We encourage all children to go to the camp appropriate to their age. However, space permitting, there is some flexibility on age if your child feels that they are not yet ready for the next camp. If this is the case please discuss it with the relevant camp organisers.

Mini Camp is held at Brightwalton Stud, Brightwalton, RG20 7BZ

For members aged 3 – 8 (including leading rein). Three-day non-residential.

Junior Camp at Boomerang Stables,  Crooked Soley, Hungerford RG17 0TL

For members aged 9 – 12 years of age. Four day non-residential

Senior Camp at Rectory Farm, Duntisbourne Abbots, Cirencester GL7 7JW

For members aged 12 years and upwards – Four day residential

Senior Camp includes a section for members aged 16+

Eventing Camp

Two day, two night camp early in the eventing season with groups jumping 80cm upwards.

B Test Bootcamp

Residential two day camp for members aged 15 or over intending to take their B Test within the next year, held immediately before the late August B Test date.

Intensive training for riding and stable management.

Booking forms for Tiny Trotter/ Mini, Junior and Senior Camps are on the website from 1st May.


We have lots of opportunities for riders, and non-riders, of every level to get involved in a variety of team activities both throughout the year and at the prestigious annual “Area 9” competition for each discipline. Most of the Area 9 competitions (with the exception of most Mini and Junior sections) are qualifiers for the Pony Club National Championships held every August.

Team requirements

Team members are expected to be active Pony Club members all yea. If the Area 9 competition is a qualifier for Championships the pony/rider combination must have attended at least three rallies since 1st July of the preceding year.

All ages are taken as of 1st January.

We expect all of our team members to be prepared to work as a team, attending practice sessions and supporting each other on the day. It is a considerable commitment for both the children and the parents.

Team members will need to demonstrate that they are capable of competing at the required level. This is usually achieved through recent competition results at the relevant level.

Team selection

If you think your child might want to be involved in any of these teams please get in touch with the appropriate discipline manager to find out more, and to put their name on the list for consideration.

Selection for “friendly” team competitions are made from members already on the discipline list and attending the relevant rallies.

For Area competitions a selection panel (made up of the discipline managers as well as Alison Hargreaves, Fiona Dowding and Joy Wilson) ensures that each child fulfils the criteria and is capable of competing at that level, before selecting teams.

We currently have the following Area 9 teams:

· Mounted Games: Mini and Junior teams, lead rein upwards

· Horse and Pony Care (dismounted): Mini, Junior and Senior teams.

· Tetrathlon: All levels from u8’s to Open (110cm XC)

· Polo: Jorrocks

· Dressage: Regional, Novice, Intermediate, Open.

· Showjumping: Regional (u12s, 80cm), Novice (90cm), Intermediate (100cm), Open (115cm).

· Eventing: Mini (u12s, 80cm), Regional (u12s, 80cm), Novice (90cm), Intermediate (100cm), Open (110cm).

We also have teams for novice team chasing, arena eventing at Blenheim Horse Trials and show jumping at Barbury Horse Trials.


Spurs are allowed to be worn but our Coaches discourage the use of spurs during training. 


Katherine Taylor– District Commissioner

Larkhill Farm, Wantage, OX12 8PJ

Tel: 07841 650225 Email:

Joy Wilson – Secretary

Manor Farm, The Green, East Hanney, Oxon OX12 0HQ

Tel: 01235 868389 Email:

Lisa Smith 

Manor Road Farm, Manor Road, Wantage, OXOX12 8N

Tel: 01235 771058/07794 623429 Email:

Joanna Lambert 

Stainswick Manor, Bourton, Shrivenham, Oxon. SN6 8LB

Tel: 07990 898175 Email:


Lisa Heneghan- Treasurer

Alden Farm, Upton, Oxon, OX11 9HS

Tel: 01235 352254/07977 494336


Ros Hayward – Instructors Co-ordinator

Idbury Stables, Church Street, Idbury, Oxon OX7 6RU

Tel: 01993 830459


Claire Lisi – Health and Safety Officer

Tel: 07880 622177 / 01367 710103 Email:

Lisa Powell – Teams Co-ordinator

Tel: 07771 711708 Email:

Alicia Lee – Members Representative

Tel: 07733 264065



The Old Berkshire Hunt Pony Club is in Area 9.

Area 9 website:

Area 9 Representative: Mrs Pleasance Jewitt

Tel: 01285 82171 Email – Pony Club main website


Minutes Secretary

Katie Finch –

07808 762626

Coaches & Volunteers Database: Ann Addington –

07714 087779


Administered by Joy Wilson –

01235 868389 / 07811 927803

OBHPC CLOTHING – White Horse Feeds 01235 751


Lisa Smith: 01235 771058/07794 623429

Joy Wilson: 07811 927803

Claire Lisi: 07880 622177 / 01367 710103


Lunge, AH, A, B, b+ and C+  Tests Joanna Lambert –

C & Riding & Road Safety, Achievement Badges  Tussel Humphrey –

D+, D & E Tests  Claire Lisi and also offered at Camps


TINY TROTTERS/MINIS – Ages 5 – 8 Margaux Manners – 07974 690307

JUNIORS – Ages 9 – 12 Katherine Taylor – 07831 815512

SENIOR – Ages 12 and above  Claire Lisi – 


Discipline Managers are marked *

DRESSAGE Lisa Smith –* Ann Addington –*


*Ros Hayward –  07702 959869 / 01993 830459

Lisa Powell –


*Phoebe Hobby –

*Claire Lisi    Julia Frost


*Fred Church – 01367 870256 / 07778 159095

MOUNTED GAMES *Joanna Lambert – 07990 898175


*Fiona Jack – 01235 831894

Alicia Lee –


Tussel Humphrey – 01235 820262


*Mel Pejkovik


*Do Curtis – 01488 639100 / 07881 821500


Jessica Simpson –