Sunday January 16, 2022
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Flu Vaccinations and EHV

Flu Vaccination

OBHPC requires a vaccination within 6 months + 21 days (but more than 7 days before) and Area Competitions, Championships and Camps. We recommend 6 monthly boosters to give your horse the best protection. Otherwise, giving the annual booster in the Spring with give the most protection during the busy summer months and ensures it is within 6 months of most Area Competitions, Championships and Camps. 

Pony Club has worked with others to achieve a consistent vaccination policy for riders. From 1st January 2022 there are some changes to the intervals between injections.

  • The initial primary course of two injections are given with an interval of 21-60 days in between (previously 21-92 days)
  • The first booster (3rd injection) must be administered within 6 calendar months of the 2nd vaccination (previously 150 – 215 days)
  • Subsequent boosters must be administered at a maximum of 12 month intervals, however for competitions at Area level and above, this booster must be received within 6 months + 21 days of the competition.
  • Horses may attend a competition 7 days after receiving the second vaccination
  • Existing vaccinations will still be valid and primary courses made before 1st January 2022 will be permitted to have the longer interval of 92 days between the first and second vaccinations and the first booster an interval of 7 months.

Pony Club Vaccination Rule 2022


The Equine Herpes Virus is highly infectious and potentially fatal. Please don’t attend rallies, camps or competitions if your pony has a high temperature, a new cough, nasal discharge or is in a yard where there is a suspected or confirmed EHV case.