Monday October 3, 2022
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Tests and Badges

Details of the full range of Pony Club Tests can be downloaded from the Pony Club HQ Website by clicking here. As the Pony Club is a training organisation members are encouraged to work towards Achievement Badges and Tests relevant to their current level of riding.

 Test Sample Questions

These can be found by following the link below:-

C+ Test 2022

Following quickly on from the brilliant success of all 7 candidates last October, we are planning a series of training rallies to cover the C+ syllabus and hold a test date at the end of the Easter holidays and another in October.

Rallies will be held at Churn, Sower Hill and Wickstead from now until Easter. Candidates are strongly recommended to attend at least 4 training rallies, plus the full test run through in April. You must have reached your 13th birthday by the test date but many of our candidates are older. It is compulsory to have your C+ test before you can take your B Test.

Any questions or if you are interested in taking your C+ test  please contact Joanna Lambert

Please also get a copy of Tish Adams A Working Notebook to C+ Test
Syllabus can be downloaded below

In addition to our regular rallies, we offer regular training sessions specifically geared towards each test. There is often an opportunity to take E and D Tests during Mini Camp and D+ during Junior Camp as well as at least one other date over the summer for these Tests and higher.


Pony Club Test training system includes:

  • Mini Achievement Badges
  • Achievement Badges: E, D, D+, C, C+, B, B+, AH ,A
  • Road Rider Tests
  • Lungeing Test
  • Hunting Certificate
  • Polo Tests

On passing each test you will be awarded a coloured felt to wear behind your pony club badge.

Details of each test can be downloaded from the Pony Club website.

Details of each test can be downloaded from the Pony Club website.

Who to contact

If you are not sure which test you should be aiming for next, please speak to our Test Co-Ordinator Fiona Jack and you may find this information sheet is helpful.

If you know which test you are aiming for next and would like information on test dates and training rallies please contact the following:

  • E and D Tests: E Test can be taken at a rally or at Camp.  D Test can be taken at Camp but occasionally at rallies and will be advertised on the website
  • D+ Test: Claire Lisi (can be taken at Junior Camp)
  • C Tests – Tussel Humphrey (can be taken at Senior Camp)
  • C+, B, Lunge, B+, AH, A Tests – Joanna Lambert (external examiners)

C+ and B requires more preparation than other Tests. There are assessment days so that candidates can assess how far they are away from the required standard. We hold training sessions specifically aimed at this level in mid August before the Tests. There are usually Test dates for C+ and B late in August and again in September / October and early November. It is now possible to do the stable management separately from the riding sections for both of these Tests.



The Road Rider Test has been updated and can be viewed on the main PC Website or via the link here:-

This is an explanation of the Riding and Road Safety (RRS) test system. If you have any queries, please contact  Tussel Humphrey at .

The Pony Club offers RRS at two levels:

  • Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge must be passed before D test can be awarded and is a basic test assessing control, ability to look behind, basic knowledge of simple road signs, knowing suitable places to ride and reason for Be Seen, Be Safe.
  • Road Rider Achievement Badge must be passed before C test can be awarded and recommended age is 10 yrs +.  The test promotes safety and awareness of the law and some knowledge of the Highway code, a verbal theory test, knowledge of correct turnout and an assessment on a simulated road.  Theory training and practical testing are done in 2 sessions and involves about 5 hours.

P.C. Road Rider test is now optional and is recommended to take before C+ and B test.  Candidates must be 12 yrs +.  The test promotes safety, awareness of the law and a knowledge of the Highway code.  It involves a test on tack and turnout, a theory test and assessment over a simulated road route. Training is about 5 hours and if all sections passed there is also an additional option to ride on the road under test.  This test ceases to be recognised after leaving the Pony club but can be organised on request.

Alternatively the more widely recognised Ride Safe test organised by the BHS is available to candidates 12yrs + and candidates will be assessed riding on the roads and once passed is a test recognised for life and for all further BHS qualifications.  Particularly relevant for those candidates wishing to pursue horses as a career.

The British Horse Society independently administers a RRS test. The minimum age is 12 years. The Pony Club has no part in the organisation of this test, but strongly encourages participation by Pony Club members.

Why consider the BHS RRS?

The PC Road Rider Achievement Badge requires 2 days of training and a test, and generally costs about £35. It is sufficient for the Pony Club tests, but will have no standing once you leave the Pony Club.

The BHS RRS requires 4 days of training and a test, and costs about £150. It is a ‘test for life’ and recognised outside the Pony Club. If you intend to progress beyond B test, or possibly work with horses, then the BHS test would be a good choice. If you are a riding parent, and you do not hold a BHS RRS, you might consider this to be a good opportunity to take the test.