Friday January 27, 2023
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Tests and Badges

As a Training organisation we strongly encourage every single Pony Club member to work towards their Pony Club Tests.  This is a pathway designed for members to learn progressively and develop skills in both riding and horse care.  The tests are taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain objectives in mind. On passing each test you will be awarded a coloured felt to wear behind your pony club badge.



In addition to our regular rallies, we offer regular training sessions specifically geared towards each test. There is often an opportunity to take E and D Tests during Mini Camp as well as at least one other date over the summer for these Tests and higher.

C+ and B requires more preparation than other Tests. There are assessment days so that candidates can assess how far they are away from the required standard. We hold training sessions specifically aimed at this level before the Tests. There are usually Test dates for C+ and B late in August and again in September / October and early November. It is now possible to do the stable management separately from the riding sections for both of these Tests.

For more information on the order and content of the tests please follow this link:


To help you on the way to your Tests there is an Achievement Badge pathway.  You will see Badge rally’s advertised on the rally pages of the website:

Mini Achievement Badges:

Achievement Badges:

Advanced Achievement Badges: