Monday November 28, 2022
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B Test Information and List of Holders


About B Test:

B Test is the first of the Pony Club tests that is internationally recognised so can help with UCAS points, job applications and direct entry into BHS exams. However, just like any exams of a level comparable to GCSE, success relies on a mix of natural talent (horse and rider) and hard work, in varying quantities.

It is best approached in a year that works well for the rider; usually dictated by availability for training before the test, access to a suitably capable horse and sufficient funds for the training.

The minimum age is 15, older candidates tend to have a more successful outcome and it is a test that fits well in the break in study after GCSEs. 

We have a very successful B Test training program in the OBHPC which other branches now emulate, or join in with when we have space.


Pony Club B Test 2022 and 2023
Those ready for B Test in 2022 or 2023 can expect an email from Joanna Lambert inviting you to join in the successful OBHPC B Test training program.
The programme breaks down into 3 elements:
1. Assessment Rally – an outside assessor will give you a full assessment of your riding and your horse’s suitability for taking B test. 
2. B Test training rallies covering Riding and Horse Care
3. B Test Boot Camp – 2 day camp just before the test on 8th August 2022
All enquiries to Joanna Lambert: or 07990 898175


  1. Assessment

Carried out by an independent A Test level assessor. For many riders this session is pivotal in their riding career as the assessor will analyse position, seat and aids far more deeply than is appropriate in other rallies, to help them transition into really effective riders.  It needs to be done on the horse you intend to ride for the test. This is the only part of the process that is compulsory. You can attend both assessment sessions; you’ll learn twice as much

  1. Training rallies

Highly focussed sessions, carried out by branch instructors who know the B Test syllabus and what the examiners will be looking for. They are usually an hour of riding and an hour of HPC, always in small groups.

  1. Self guided study

Options include online training (plenty of resources available), online Area 9 Zooms, B Test folder or group together for lessons with any suitable riding instructor or HPC lessons with Fiona Jack.

  1. B Test Bootcamp

This 2 day camp gives a chance for a final run through and has a strong focus on exam technique. It is also very sociable, with candidates, committee members and instructors working together to get the best possible outcome on test day, and make friends for life.


Throughout, you’ll have a syllabus checklist and we encourage you to work through to get each section ticked off, so you can approach the test day with complete confidence.


B Test Sample Questions

These can be found by following the link below:-



Looking beyond B Test. Next steps…. Lunge Test, B+, AH and A Test

The Lunge Test can be taken when you are 16+. For those who regularly lunge their horse it requires just one or two training sessions before the test to ensure you are following best practice. These sessions are easiest to arrange privately as a one-to-one but we can help you make arrangements with a suitable instructor. 

The B+ Test standard of riding is considerably higher than B Test and includes riding in a double bridle. You’ll need to be on a suitable horse.

The AH Test covers theory only. Regular training sessions are held at Rectory Farm or can be arranged with Fiona Jack.

A Test is the highest level achievable in Pony Club and names of A Test holders are recorded on the National Pony Club Roll of Honour.


Becoming a Pony Club Coach

Members aged 16 and above with C+ or B Test can do a one day course to become a Pony Club Coach. Qualified coaches earn £15 – £20/hr for teaching D and D+ level rallies and while you are training you can earn a bit of pocket money. See details of the Coaching Course at the bottom of this page and a list of our Coaches is on the Instructors page.

‘Introduction To Pony Club Coaching’ Course

Who is this course is for?

• Pony Club Members who are 16 yrs or older and hold B test (some exceptions for C+) and are enthusiastic to teach at D/D+ level.

• Past members/supporters/parents over 25 yrs who have sound horse knowledge and are enthusiastic to teach at D/D+ level

• Pony Club Instructors at any level who want to refresh their ideas or check they are in line with best practice

What is the course aim?

• To help and encourage aspiring Pony Club senior Members to utilise the knowledge they have gained from past Pony Club experience and enable them to start to coach others in a safe, effective and confident way.

• To support and encourage past Members / supporters / instructors and Members to use their enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to start to coach others in a confident, fun safe and effective way.

How is the course delivered?

This course develops participants through discussion, group work and most importantly, activity. All participants will have the opportunity to teach.

The emphasis is on drawing together the wide range of experiences that tutors and participants bring and making those experiences available to everyone. The atmosphere is fun, friendly, welcoming and supportive.

What does the course cost?

Approx. £35 (depending on hire of facility costs) to include tea and coffee.

Participants need to bring a packed lunch / Pony Club Manual / notebook and pen. You will be given a copy of the Coaches’ Handbook (£18 from HQ).