Tuesday November 29, 2022
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What to wear for what!

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Pony Club Kit

White Horse Feeds are not able to sell PC clothing at the moment so we are operating regular Pop Up Shops.  If you need something urgently then contact Emma Von Michel who would be happy to make arrangements for you to collect. 
Payment for all kit is by BACS as follows:-
Account name: OBHPC
Sort:    40-45-36
Acct:    21314106
Reference: Surname of Member + Kit
Correct Dress at Rallies

There are polo, rugby and sweat shirts in our Old Berks blue with varying logos/embroidery available from White Horse Feeds, Childrey near Wantage. Pony Club jackets are also available to order, and can embroidered with your child’s name.  

  2021-22 Price List
Sweatshirts £13.00
Child and Teen Boys Polo shirts £13.00
Coolchecker Teen Ladies Polos £13.00
Teen and Adult XC Skins £15.00
Child XC Skins £15.00
Jogging bottoms £20.00
Child Padded Gilets £15.00
Teen and Adult Gilets £20.00
Soft shell summer jackets £32.00
Soft shell winter jackets £32.00
Child Warm Waterproof Winter Jackets £38.00
Teen / Adult Warm Waterproof Winter Jackets £38.00
Numnahs – cob or full (they don’t make pony size) £38.00

Polo shirts  £13

Pale blue, short sleeved with embroidered logo. Used for all rallies and camps.

Children sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11

Teen sizes XS, S, M

Ladies Fit XXS, XS, S, M or quick-dry fabric XS, S

Sweatshirts  £13

Pale blue, round neck,  large logo on front. Used for all rallies and camps by younger members. Optional for teens who may prefer a gilet or a polo shirt over cross country skins

Unisex sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-13, 14-15. Adult S, L

Cross Country skins £15

Navy long sleeve shirt with OLD BERKS on sleeves. Teen sizes are quick-dry fabric. Recommended for camps and XC rallies, compulsory for eventing teams. Can be worn under polo shirt for extra warmth and protection.

Children sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11

Teen sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

Weatherproof warm jacket £38

Navy jacket with embroidered logo on chest and OLD BERKS on back. 

Unisex sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 32″, 34″, 36″

Fitted soft-shell summer jacket £32

For teens and adults. Navy showerproof fleece jacket with embroidered logo on chest and OLD BERKS on back.

Teen sizes XS, S, M

Fitted soft-shell winter jacket £32

For teens and adults. Navy showerproof warm fleece jacket with embroidered logo on chest and OLD BERKS on back.

Teen sizes XS, S, M

Fitted soft-shell Gilet £20

For teens and adults. Navy showerproof gilet with embroidered logo on chest and OLD BERKS on back.

Teen sizes XS, S, M

Saddle Pads £38

White squares with embroidered logo. Recommended for camps, competitions and rallies, compulsory for teams.

Sizes S/M (Cob) or L (Full)


What to wear for a rally

Correct rally wear consists of beige jods, black or brown short boots and chaps, shirt and PC tie or PC polo shirt or PC rugby shirt, tagged hat with plain dark silk, hairnet and gloves. Plain dark jods and short sleeved shirts with a collar are acceptable at most rallies, however long sleeves must be worn when riding cross country and a stock (without a pin) is required for cross country jumping over 80cm.

Hairnets are a MUST at all camps and rallies – hair must be up and not plaited down the back or just put in a pony tail.

HOODIES are not allowed at Pony Club when riding.

You are required to wear a HAT at all times whilst handling your pony at ALL PONY CLUB RALLIES, CAMPS AND COMPETITIONS, and GLOVES must be worn for loading/unloading and leading. This includes grooming, mucking out, tacking up, Horse and Pony Care and of course riding. PARENTS – Please encourage this at all times. More info on hats & tagging here…

Back protectors are compulsory for cross country at all levels and are encouraged at all times. Make sure that body protectors haven’t been grown out of over the previous season but don’t buy an extra large one to grow into – they need to be just right.  Please be considerate to those on young or spooky ponies if you are planning to wear an air jacket in an enclosed area. More info here…

Competition Dress

As a general rule, correct dress for under 14s is beige jods, long sleeved white shirt and Pony Club tie, tweed jacket, short brown boots and matching half chaps, black or navy hat silk and gloves. Gloves must be worn for dressage; these can be dark or white. A stock should be worn for XC over 80cm, and may be worn by older members for all disciplines in place of a PC tie. Older members may wear dark jackets with black boots in place of tweed and brown boots.

Body protectors may be worn when competing in all disciplines and are compulsory for XC.

Check Discipline Rule Books or if in doubt contact the discipline manager or one of the DC’S.

We would strongly advise wearing a long sleeved shirt under your jacket (or having one with you) for competitions on hot days. The stewards may allow you to remove your jacket to warm up / compete but will usually insist on long sleeves.

Second Hand Kit

We have a Facebook Swap and Sell Page for 2nd Hand kit. https://www.facebook.com/groups/955239224988147